Sytrus vs. FM8

I feel like there’s been a huge shift recently in how dubstep is made, everyone seems to be making there growls in FM instead of additive. I’ve been trying to learn how to use FM, and my question is whether or not I should spend to get FM8 instead of just using Sytrus, which I already have…there both FM so I assume they can do the same things, but FM8 seems to be the new Massive, so maybe it’s worth getting…

I started playing around with Sytrus today and I’m pretty impressed by it. Normally I only made super saws or simple leads with it, but started using the FM of it. I’ve never used FM8 before so I can’t give you any opinions about that.

I know it has incredible potential, I just dont really know how to use it…I watched the Seamless videos on FM synthesis but im still struggling with the how, even though I know the why.

I think you just have to try everything out with Sytrus. I got the sound I wanted for months on my first try with luck but also understanding how the FM works. Here is Sytrus visually explained which helped me alot:

Tbh, you should just watch tutorials in FM8 and apply them to massive. Then you’ll have an idea of the pros/cons of both.

thanks man ill watch that

sytrus is WAAAY superior to FM8

how so?

Ring mod, customizable waveforms, sounds better when using different voices especially with reeses

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Hmm good point, the reeses are quite nice…busy its not very easy to use unless you know your way around FM already

sytrus is like the most intuitive FM synth ever how can you not find your way around it

I’m 17 and have no patience to learn anything past which wavetables sound cool in massive.

This is something I am actively trying to remedy by asking these questions.

I do not know FM, which is why its not intuitive to me, wherefore sprung the reason for my above statement.

age isn’t a factor at all bro, FM stands for frequency modulation, so basically you take one oscillator’s frequency and use that to modulate another oscillator’s frequency, sorta like an LFO. in all the synths that do this, sytrus is probably the easiest to do this and get very nice results.

I mean I’ve pretty spent this whole day learning what FM is, my problem is Sytrus itself. Obviously I could spend time learning it, but if I did and it turned out that FM8 is a superior synth after all then I wasted a lot of effort learning one interface where I could have been learning a better one.

Hence thread.

I used both and sytrus is definitely better, for me at least

Ight well guess instead of sleeping ill learn sytrus lol

I’m probably the wrong person to be answering this, bc I am so shit at FM Synthesis and using FM Synths such as Sytrus,FM8. Personally I find it easier using Sytrus, and I’ve made better growls in Sytrus than I have in FM8. They are both FM synths so they are rather similar, although the layout is different in both plugins. There are many waveforms in FM8, but Sytrus is easier to operate and create sounds for me.

The thing about fm8/sytrus type synths and massive type synths is the filters. If your not willing to do external filtering and modulation than massive and serum are your choice. If you don’t mind, than fm8 and sytrus is ideal.

Also if your looking for organic moving sounds fm8/sytrus is your choice if you want to get metallic or death noises than go with massive or serum.

I find serum’s filters to be complete shit imo, ironically most of the only modulation I do in serum is indeed FM synthesis

I kinda figured that… Serums filters seem to be weak compared to massives. I thought it was because I don’t know nothing