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I’ve got lots of tracks that are half done, but I’ve got my debut for Tempa coming up. I won’t say too much but it’s not what people might expect of Tempa, or me in fact. There’s a whole bunch of other tracks that I’m trying to get into a few places, I’m also trying to resurrect Apple Pips and trying to fit that around everything else, teaching music tech and working back in a record shop.

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i would like to see more applepips.

last few were a bit generic bristol deep house things tho

Yh I didn’t rate the house-y Apple Pips stuff, their early dubstep stuff was excellent though

so when is the next tempa? been like two months now hasn’t it?

which one we waiting on now? TEMPA100 ?

I think its going to be either EL B or the Tempa All stars

Hope its a not the El B remix of that kenzo tune. not feeling it that much.

But a nice Horsepower 12" wont be bad, seeing that they started it all

yo, this Cosmin TRG track was a free download courtesy of Tempa in 2010 but the email link thing they set up back in 2010 is down. anybody with the track able to post up a link here? (which is 100% a-okay as it was a free download)

Appleblim - Avebury // Auburn Blaze // Wandered
Release date: August 14th

Uhh, can’t wait to hear the samples.
Auburn Blaze seems to be the last tune in here:

Samples on tempa.co.uk

What a curveball of a release. I knew from the Wen & Parris release last year that the label would venture into new sounds from the 130 camp but still fulfill it’s role as a dubstep label. Let’s just hope they get releases out sooner :corndance:

Gonna check samples later

sick artwork

Not sounding like what expected, A1 especially. Will wait for some proper clips before I make a judgement I think

looking forward to hearing longer clips of all the tracks, sounds interesting.

A1 sounds very Floating Pointsy, judging by that - what - 64kbps clip… first Tempa release in a long time that has me excited to listen to the whole thing.

Preview forthcoming Nomine’s album here http://www.junodownload.com/products/inside-nomine/2843408-02/

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so sick! really like the way its put together, big man tings

Various Artists - TEMPA100

A1. Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me
A2. DJ Abstract - Touch
B1. High Plains Drifter (feat. Goldspot Productions) - Sholay (Epic Mix)
B2. Digital Mystikz - Give Jah Glory
C1. Skream - Midnight Request Line
C2. Coki - Tortured
D1. Benga & Coki - Night
D2. SP:MC - Trust Nobody


yeeeeeeeee just pre ordered mine