I suppose its a reasonable deal for anyone who hasn’t got some of these tunes already, providing the pressing is decent

But for 100th release… as Ridz said on FB - just repress em all and put out something more interesting. Only tune i’d need off this comp is Tortured. It gives a good snapshot of Tempa classics I suppose but most man will have at least half of these tunes already i reckon


aye, it was a good deal for me coz i needed most of em, gotta be honest.
but i definitely agree with putting out something a bit more interesting, seems a bit lazy i guess but i’m still pretty happy.
someone mentioned doing a re run of In Fine Style for tempa 100 a while back, that would have been sick


Can’t say I’m surprised its disappointing… Tempa been on the disappointing tip for a bit. Nearly £23 and as Josh said most will have at least half; unless you’ve just got into buying vinyl/just got into dubstep.

Just get that Nomine album out.


Yeah Horsepower represses please

  • a double pack of those seemingly endless old/new Horsepower bits Benny Ill draws for, sick tunes


TBF could be a little hasty, this may just be the 100 release but they have more in store to celebrate it like a repress of In Fine Style.

I doubt it though.


Got everything except Give Jah Glory…

It sure seems like a cool “Tempa Starter Pack”, but with the 100th release I would’ve preferred something more rewarding for the long-time supporters. Most of these releases are still reasonably available aswell.


yeah it’s a nice release just like

not one for the headz

only missing sholay + touch and i’d rather get the original releases with the other tunes, oh and night which i never felt the urge to own tbh

josh i’d say get off ur ass and get the 12 of tortured cos shattered on the other side is a bad boy tune to mix with when u get bored of tortured (which would be blasphemous anyway) and the cover art of the pliers and teeth is sick


Yeah Josh what you playing at? Cokis best 12" imo


Bun you lot it was off my wantlist for ages alright i dont know why alright

I still need to get On Board as well haha although to be safe it should only really be played on CDJs for the inevitable velocity of wheel


One for the newer heads I guess? It does seem a wee bit of a wasted opportunity, but in the end it is just a number.

Maybe 101 is gonna be fucking mad who knows.

Edit: Nope 101 is 'Blim isn’t it. Hmm


i wonder if that new horsepower album will ever come out


Of course it will. He tweeted something recently about the mastering or pressing being delayed so it’s been pushed back. Nomine’s album will be out first, beginning of Sept. Special album that.


yeah man! its deffo not a “slapped a collection of tunes together” typa album.


Personally so keen for the new horsepower album. When he was in oz last year he was playing some fire he said would be on there.


Tempa 100 is a bit disapointing, I was slyly hoping they’d get some classic dubs. With that being said Touch, Sholay, Give Jah Glory & Tortured on one release is very very tempting


If any tracks should’ve be on that, El-B - Amazon and Loefah - Truly Dread should’ve been considered


Which tracks would you remove for them two


Coki - Tortured & Either Horsepower - When You Hold Me or SP:MC - Trust Nobody

Edit: Re-listened to Night, and I wouldn’t take that one off.


Theyre all on Allstars 2 aren’t they tho?

Give Jah Glory’s fun to mix with but i always end up blending it for like 2 minutes then realising noones that bothered haha



sounds cool but like

too headzy a tune