Sounds buff mixed with any Horsepower though



So tempa 100 is a couple tracks from that tempa 50 then?


lol wtf is going on here

and why only 300 copies

do q like it though, should have copped think my mate offered me a copy for cheap : I


I’ll trade this for Talk the Talk if anyone wants to :smiley:


Shit they limited that?! I thought itd be a normal tempa release with bare represses, fuck sake!

This is why I brought cdjs lol


300 copies is the way m8




Tempa100 available to pre order at Intense Records. Link hereunder:

Appleblim’s latest record (Tempa101) is also available, ready to ship today:

Check our website for all the latest dubstep releases!

Use promo code ‘dubstep2015’ for 10% off your order…

Intense Records


Pretty underwhelming but not surprising. 23 isnt really nice price either considering they’ve already been mastered and cut. And 3rd release of night and mrl? Saves me money though so all good.


might sell my copy of Echo dub :eyes:


How much?


I got so much use out of that plate it’s ridiculous.


i did for a bit, now i just play Something in the sound instead.


mix them together and swap basslines.


Forthcoming Tempa


100 should have been a single sided 12 of Loefah’s ‘crack bong’ remix imho…

like the rest pretty dissapointed to just get a repress of stuff that everyone has already / easily bought tunes…


me too. both sides are fire.


Jeeeeez DBridge >>>>>>>


nice track, kinda can’t picture this being on anything other than another allstars though tbh. a dbridge 12" would be doap doe.


lol that sample, love it. a Dbridge 12" would be sick