btw that record is sick and everybody should get a copy.


oh well, looks like Tempa hasn’t done anything this year. :\ It’s understandable if Yunx / Parris / whoever’s on the Tempa team are busy. Here’s hoping that they’ll pop up again in the near future.


another year, would be shame. Seems like Yunx is def full on with the sentry stuff now


its done


Wonder what’s happening with that egoless tune then


Forthcoming on Sentry apparently (as read on a Youtube comment so can’t be really sure)


what’s done?
you releasing something for Sydney?
did you get onto Paul & Farj?


Not all hope is lost.



Hi guys. Anyone knows anything about Alex Coulton? He’s my favourite artist in this hybrid broken techno stuff, I’ve checked his public online accounts and it seems he just dissapeared from internet after his genius album on Tempa:

I’m starting to worry is he abducted by aliens or something.
Any info appreciated!


He was like one of the only dudes from that whole 130 farce I rate.

Unfortunately, to answer your question (or not), I have no idea what he’s up to.


what do you mean Farce?