I’m probably (?) the most vocal guy on here when it comes to F5 online shop warriorism and the “jahstep” wave, so I’m not quite sure where your allegation is coming from. Tempa’s quality control has been lackluster the last couple of years is what I’m saying.


not even sure it’s all down to that tbh, just the general state of dubstep/bass - altho there are a bunch of questionable choices in there for sure


suppose a lot of the big names in dubstep are on other labels (e.g. innamind, deep medi, system etc…). Couple years ago they had people like skream, benga, headhunter, horsepower, J:Kenzo et al. So tempa isn’t really like the “big thing” it used to be




feelin’ this. out in a week or so I think.


anyone been feelin Cimm recently? he’s got the next release on Tempa, there was audio around for a bit but think they’ve been taken down now, feelin this 1 tho


yeah feeling his stuff.

This one


Youngsta & Cimm - Split Minds / Redshift


This one coming late October


big up cimm - been feeling for a while now, defo need to cop this 1, anything happening with that Oris Jay refix too ???


The Oris Jay remix is floating ATM… there is a vocal version by a grime MC… but still waiting haha


Youngsta interview on FatKidOnFire



represses of nomine - blind man on redeye atm



anything new happening? Haven’t put out a record in almost a year. Plus yunx started a label. SP:MC releasing on system etc. would be a shame tbh


there’s this egoless tune that is supposed to be forthcoming on the next tempa all stars or something


yeah i checked that. wasn’t that uploaded like December '16 or something.

maybe they just take a lil break like Deep Medi does then start a fresh cycle or releases. or maybe since Sentry records started :confused_og:


Just realised this too. Last release was last November. Tempa have released records every year for 16 years, would be a shame if 2017 was the first year without a release.

On another note, was there no Tempa 054?


Yeah would be sad, think 54 might have been part of an kenzo LP maybe?! Could just be taking a break waiting for the jahstep thing to settle.


Parris took over Tempa’s A&R in 2015 right? Been in a bit of a drought since :frowning:


Yeah but Parris released a new EP from K-Lone on his main label (Soundman Chronicles) after a 2+ year hiatus, so he’s still active with putting stuff out.


interesting, i didnt know he ran soundman as well