The 100 BPM Contest 4th Circle of Hell



~ Has to be at 100bpm: no specific genre constraints.
~ No external synths or sounds to be used… You can, however, feel free to use anything from this sample pack. All sampling methods are OK (incl. granular, spectral, etc.).
~ 5 min. song length max.

Sample pack will be posted before Monday… Deadline will be the day before Halloween.

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tag more people who may want in

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Might try it.

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Nice. Lemme know when the pack is up

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Yea I’ll probs do this. Gonna have to make trap instead of a bounce beat tho

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yee in

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Ok here you guys go… Its just 4 samples. One is a full length song, another is a section from a tv show, and 2 trap drums. It would be cool if its scary or dark but go with your heart and make what you want.

Too hard for me.

boooo hisss

interesting samples

Very interesting selection. That horror bit - could make bare choonz fi days with that alone (never mind the Lyn Collins song).

This is actually a pretty good sample base for someone with little experience - clean breaks and hits, pad material, and no need for crazy granular spectral hoohaa to make a basic kick/snare…

I made a pretty nice beat and then I was like “Man this could use some other stuff” and went through a bunch of my own samples and the beat is so smooth I wish I could use it lol.

Might just have to upload it

Also it’s boring to not use hoohaa to make a kick/snare

Don’t get me wrong. I love the hoohaa too. :nerd_face:

Just don’t see why this pack’d be so hard. :hmm:

It is hard if you don’t know what to do. There is a lot of “noise” in this pack. Not actual noise but like musical noise.

how the hell are we supposed to make music with all these musical noises?!

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Once you get past the sarcasm and memes this guy is actually very helpful

(it’s for fl studio but if your using something else I’m sure you can make it work)