The Gender Gap in Music


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i’d say it’s a product of history and culture.


Well - I can tell you that I’m not gonna be that Rhianna character…
nor the White Bitch Character…

People just really like their ass & titty & drugs & violence & double crossing etc…

Not the most attractive lifestyle goals…

Honestly though - I read the article first - then went seeking the video…
to see what they were on about…
and I didn’t have much of a reaction to it

  • not political or feminist

I just thought they were playing at some badboy storyline…

The problem is - when life starts to imitate.
and trust me - I’ve been watching that happen.

People take their media consumption too serious and start acting out.
I include the journalists here - they may be making something more
out of a silly little video - than need be.

tomb raider bitches are just as fucked up & annoying as the precious princess


sorry - I have to do it again….

the sublimity of the Jay & Silent Bob type reality….


I have this idea that maybe there are way more female producers than we realize. When you send tunes out to labels and get it pressed and all that, no one asks you your gender, and the whole process can begin and end in your bedroom. Perhaps we incorrectly assume whatever new producer coming out is a male. We may have heard hundreds of ladyducers and not have a clue.

Regardless, it’s pretty undeniable we’re making big gains towards gender parity here. The internet has done wonders to keep kids from being isolated to whatever their immediate surroundings present them, so whatever social conditioning that may herd them into specific roles is becoming more and more irrelevant, IMO.

EDIT: Just remembered an interview with The Black Madonna, great female house DJ from Chicago, where she says she doesn’t think being female has held her back at all. Maybe this is a little more played out than click-hungry articles would lead us to believe.


i think in most cases when you are as far as getting your stuff pressed, you have had at least one show played so people saw you and know what gender you are. also there are names, people who make music connect via the internet and have real names which most of the times indicate whether someone is male or female


Eh, I’m not so sure you need to have played out to put a plate out, or that that’s even typical. Feel free to correct me, though. True, email addresses may give away the genitals but I find it hard to believe that they would be turned away for it, even if the label guy was grossly misogynist.


no you don’t need to have played out. i said that if you are in a state where ur stuff gets pressed you likely are being booked as well.
and it wasn’t about misogynism either, was it? you just said we might not know all the female producers out there and i just said the gender will mostly already be revealed by personal connection via chat


haha, made my day.


got the whole thread messed up
gender gap is slang for vagina in the first place



Meet Four Women Who Pioneered Electronic Music: Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel, Éliane Radigue & Pauline Oliveros


I’m on an email list with Laurie Spiegel. Super cool woman.


Found this to be relevant, at least in regards to the way women are generally treated in electronic music culture


I don’t think many women care about being in Electronic Music to begin with.

Dubstep is a female repellant in general.


There was a topic like this on another forum where a girl was complaining about the under representation of black people in rock music.

I went to a school of music performance and techology and out of about 50 black people there 1 black girl was interested in rock music.

I didn’t meet any females into music production they were all interested in dance or singing.

It’s basically an SJW outlook that all disparity is due to some kind of prejudice.

If you want to decrease the gender gap or racial gaps in music the solution is to force more white people to be in rap music more black people into rock music and get women out of singing and dancing and force them to sit in front of a computer for hours and get them involved in music technology.

I’d say it’s better to allow people to have the freedom to choose what they want to do and not just throw blame around when there’s a disparity due to different groups of people making different choices.


I would agree with your observations about current demographics… which leads to the question of why, which then gets murky and complicated.


yeah, physical and sexual assault is a very present reality for women that most men don’t even consider most of the time.