The Gender Gap in Music


not saying you don’t have influences but believing that all is based on whatever the bad media sells you is fucking moronic


yeah it’s a framework for analyzing society so not at all an absolute truth

but the idea that sex is biological but gender and all it’s associations are culturally constructed, i think is really interesting and true, but i don’t expect everyone to do the same


gender role blaming basically strips everyone of their individuality. the ironing


i never said it’s entirely media man it’s in every corner of society these associations with genders


I could not disagree more. Women being denied the vote until about 90 years ago. Non white being only able to vote in the last 50 years. I’m not saying that there is no free will, self determination, or even biological biases at play. But you would have to present a bloody convincing argument to shake my thinking that there isn’t huge and devastating impact of things like social and media pressures. Expectations hanging over from the last however many hundreds of years where unless you were male, white and probably a land owner, you equal shit.

Though I’m definitely in the yuppie liberal demo. So take it as you will.

also @nowaysj , I say this wihtout having (or ever wanting) children, but you could be living the most orthodox life imaginable, but if your little one is leaving the house and playing with friends, or even just walking down your typical american/english high street, then they are being bombarded with specific presentations on how they should act, think, buy and so on. Tv or no. imo.


As OGLemon pointed out, it is not yuppie liberals per se, it is jewish intellectuals that tell yuppie liberals what to think.


wanted to write that too actually, but didn’t want to come off as an edgy trolle


definitely this.
I think the sexual harassment women suffer from in club situations plays a role in this. Can’t assert for sure regarding the situation in the UK - though I’ve read articles from British writers pointing this in the past few months -, but here in France there are way too many men preying on girls in the nightclubs, with attitudes ranging from non-stop chatting girls to groping. people will always say “yeah but there’s nothing wrong with trying to chat up blahblah”, problem is that girls end up spending their whole night having to deal with guys, when most come to clubs to listen to music - like most men do. this isn’t even a caricature. In the end something like this means that girls simply feel less willing to attend such events, though these clubs obviously play an essential role in shaping up a scene and having people wanting to be involved in them.
not the only factor of course, but I’d say it definitely has an influence


The maths is simple the good guy DJ/producer and the good girl DJ/producer ratio is like 100:1 there’s no gender prejudice or anything


thanks for figuring society out mate
"well the reason why we don’t have Black politicians is simply because less Black people involved in politics, no ethnic prejudice at work here"


No it doesn’t always actually, because the roles emerge and exist in a form of relative or mutual dependancy with the counterpart.

But in a philosophical sense you’re on the money ofcourse.


You used too many big words my head hurts


don’t you think there may be a reason why there are more men producing/DJing than women, which precisely has everything to do with gender prejudice and the roles assigned through gender by the society as a whole?


Not really man barriers are sometimes put there when people choose to be “closed in” in a current world of gender equality there should be no barriers girls should get out and do there thing a la Paris Hilton (I know she’s a bait DJ and all but at least she’s trying) I worded my original post wrong-what I should of said is yes there is a bigger ratio of talented guys to girls but with the right guidance and shit girls could realign that I know of some really sick girl DJs


there’s a difference between talking about physical, political w/e oppression and talking about shit that’s all assumption (gender roles, free will etc)

like i said, not denying there’s no outside influence, cause we don’t live in a vacuum but still, this gender roles thing is a game nobody can win. there’s plenty of “womanly” shit that is accepted to do as man now (from skinny fit and long fit clothing to long hair to dieting etc) and vice versa, but it’s never seen as a something positive, more like it’s all getting reassigned. and even if say everything becomes acceptable to everyone, there’s still going to be a gender role issue because “it’s all too deeply rooted”. so what is there to do? some reverse education scenario where men are being taught as women and vice versa? yeah that’s totally alright.

as for the way women and men are portrayed in advertising or w/e, that’s just how it is. like if i had a clothing brand, i wouldn’t pick models that are objectively out of shape and ugly because i’d want my product to sell.


Exactly ultraspacial-gender role prejudice isn’t as “tangible” as racial prejudice for example which encompasses race/religion/societal place etc)- I think like I said the world is a lot more equal these days in terms of gender roles (I think there will always be racism but that’s a different story) and if we don’t allow stereotypes that exist in our sub-conscious to dictate what we do and do not do then…basically if a woman wants to do something she should just take the bull by the horns


You really should have kids, imo. I don’t think you can be fully human, or an adult if you haven’t raised a kid. It really helps to flush out all the bullshit fairly tales you’ve been inundated with. Honestly, everything I cared about, all of my ambitions were instantly rendered meaningless by having a kid. I don’t think a month long dmt binge would produce a greater change of perspective, or a more lasting real alignment with the truth.

But I definitely do get your point. We don’t have what I think is a high street, but my daughter does have a group of moronic friends that are fully infiltrated by media, so it does leak through. But it is much easier to spot and combat living in a largely media free environment. But it is everywhere, in the very air we breath, so I get you.


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