The house thread


omg hi


Yeah, big fan of Pepe.


this kinda shittttt


eyo finally checking out mood hut

is there something i’m missing seems bland af jazzy smooth house

/is there a particular release i’ve not heard that’s a real smasher?


I only have that Jack J record with Something on it.
Wouldn’t mind having House of Doors - The Dolphin Hotel Affair, but other than
that… I’m not sure either.

I know PSS has kind of a cult following, but the label isn’t that big right?
Seems like they do very limited pressings and I don’t hear a lot about them.


some of my favs

also youve probably heard thirstin but im still in awe at how good that mix sounds


local act / very good buddy does vfx for this crew

man i love this one


Just because it’s nice and beautiful doesn’t mean it’s bad. A lot of the tunes have great atmosphere, are texturally rich and brilliantly produced (Thirstin’ being a case in point).


not the biggest fan but i’d gladly take mood hut over other styles that are (still) poppin atm


Been banging these ones


i like the flip to that 2nd one more


some tasteful bangers




Yeah, all the “atmo outsider house” that’s seen way too much hype lately doesn’t do anything for me. Mall Grab 1080p Greg Beato-drums with pads is zzzzzzzzz


yeah that is def the worst

kinda think that stuff is in its own bubble tho cause it doesn’t really go with anything else in a mix or w/e


isn’t this kinda true for most decent house records though? my favourite, new-ish records all have a fairly singular sound to them (thus probably rendering my selection a bit too eclectic).

^ atmo house done right imo


nah see those i can picture easily in a mix of different stuff. well the first 3 anyway, cause they don’t got synths and white noise and all sorts of samples going through the whole tune like you’d get with the stuff you mentioned earlier

the hats in that coni tune grate my ears tho lol


I’m vibing off that Coni EP. never quite liked his previous output, but this record is surprisingly good imo.


Mood Hut has some great stuff out

also, the first cloudface EP is VERY good


on another note, i just odoured the new bruce EP on idle hands.

i’m having an instant crush on this tune, what do y’all think?


not a bad tune that. i like it more than his other releases, which imo were p meh