The house thread


lmao kc made a “deep tech” track in 1992


Get Up is a pretty straightforward big drums deep house track iirc.
That kind of bass line is kind of KC’s signature thing too. I still don’t
get what deep tech is supposed to be tbh.

Are you referring to all lo-fi house stuff here? I’m still into a lot of that.
Not everything, but some stuff from Lobster Theremin, Delsin or even
Creme Organization. The whole sound is definitely not as fresh as it was
3-4 years ago though.


Nah, I’m referring to 1080p. :sweat_smile:


thats a tune



I’ve fallen in love with this kind of dusty/lofi, but uuuultra groovy thing. :heart_eyes:


top fucking percentage



pretty much my vibe.





Public Possession nailing the light-hearted groove once more.



Copped this for $7 at detroit threads few weeks ago. Such a good record.


Right on!

I’ve bought records from Detroit Threads on ebay.

Seems like a cool record store.


Funny cause they’ve got a copy on their discogs page going for $20 :cornlol:.There was no labeling so the owner must not have realized what it was. There’s so much music in there. Could dig for hours.



Any of you lot into Max Graef? he has some awesome stuff, from house to hip hop and a band.

I was listening to his album the other day the track that starts at 13:18 on this video grabbed my attention

I’m wondering if anyone one knows where this drum test sample came from, I think I remember hearing it somewhere before but can’t for the life find it for me and I’m pretty sure it’s sampled.


man every time im in plug everyone has so much house heat to play, this thread could use more activity cus I know people are sitting on bangers

party tune