The most dissapointing/best performance you've seen

As a new user I thought it would be nice to start a thread. Lovely community btw.

As for the topic, Went to Give it dub (Great party if you’re in The Netherlands check it out in nijmegen).

Line up was pretty sick (Kode9, J:Kenzo, Sukh knight and Gorgon sound)
The venue is brand new and has a sick soundsystem, But Kode9 had the most dissapointing set i’ve ever heard, I’ve heard about 10-15 minutes of actual dubstep. But Gorgon sound was wicked, Vinyl and dub only, they got the whole room filled whereas Kode9 made most of the people leave the room during his set.

I am?

Was Kode drawing for the rinsed out Medi tunes?

if youre going to see kode9 in 2015 expecting anything more than 2-3 dubstep tracks thrown in, youre doing it wrong


live, David Bowie
expected charisma, mystery, great voice
didn’t get it.

dubstepwise, can never remember whether it was Kode9 or Loefah around 08/09
(perhaps I shouldn’t judge given my biochemical state at the time)
but it was loud, incessant boring shit
made worse by the trendoids squashing the place
beginning of the end for me.

I went to see KOAN Sound and Gemini at a local, new venue. Having LOVED everything KOAN Sound was putting out, and having a pretty big interest in seeing Gemini live, I was super stoked. The sets themselves were AWESOME. Everyone killed it… for the crowd of myself and a few friends. Literally the only people that showed up. Got to see KOAN Sound open for Bassnectar at a well known venue here and it was a completely different story. The set wasn’t as impressive but the whole floor was PACKED.

I saw kode play a really bad set too the first time I saw him. Its actually probably my most disappointing set I’ve ever seen.

He actually opened with the same tune that the b8 local trvp artist had just played near the end of his set. We all thought kode was joking around or something, but then continued to play one of the most cookie cutter “edm trap” sets I’ve ever heard. The venue was absolutely ramjam too; oppressively over-crowded and uncomfortable. This was right around the time when our already meager dubstep scene got totally decimated by lazy promotion and trap vibes. So it was insult to injury for us. (not saying we expected kode to play dubstep, we were expecting some quality hyper dub selections, not coachella trap session)

i probably saw him around the same time (think it was 2012). played a good first hour, second hour was basically youtube results for “trap” (truly grim)

seen him a handful of other times though and it was always pretty solid.

yeah, p sure it was 2012-ish, probably the same tour. We didnt get the good 1st hour, only the 2nd bad hour apparently haha. But yeah, I’ve seen him a few times since and its been pretty damn good every time.

on topic a bit, one of the best sets i’ve ever seen was Andy Stott circa 2010 or 11. Me and the gal had never heard of him at that point, and went on recommendation from a homie + he was playing at a club in sf that had the old paradise garage system in it. We had no idea what to expect and we we’re kinda rolling our eyes at the dj playing very snoozy minimal techo on the warm up. When Stott went in though, it was like nothing i’d experienced at that time. The system was absolutely bellowing out those lo fi bass notes and screaming high end on breaks. The crowd was havin it too, everyone was going nuts. Def opened my eyes to a different realm of music/vibe at the time.

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kode was ok when I saw him, and it was the day after spaceape died so I wasn’t really expecting much

Goth trad was a bit dissapointing, usually dig his sets but he seemed a bit lost when I saw him

Wut? Are you serious? Damn…

surprised he was even playing in that state

goth trad has been hit or miss for me as well, first time was among top 3 dubstep sets ive ever seen, 2nd was 100% forgettable

kode9 and Scratcha came to down and played a lot of footwork, funk if i remember correctly, and some grime.

i went insane when i saw goth trad. He has a sick live performance.

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Saw some guy named Epoch in 2012, great selector.
Mala in 2007(ish?) Many of the big names in the scene visited our distant shores around that time.
Mala again with his mate Coki at a venue that is now a strip club. Soundsystem was roaring that night.
Rhythm & Sound and The Bug. I remember they offered free earplugs at the door that night and you definitely needed them.
Youngsta always seems to play here on my birthday, which was nice.

yeah, Mala first visited Sydney in March 07

and April 2011 the second time with Coki
I presume your Dubstep Alliance mob had them over at the same time.

Yeah just rechecked the date, it was actually the same day that Spaceape died, must have been hard, cancelled everything he was doing around here and went back the next day

pure feels hearing him play some of their stuff in that day, shame the floor was full of trap kids waiting for tropkillaz and not giving a fuck to him or flylo lol

Kevin Saunderson at Movement some years ago, dude train wrecked like every other blend. all I heard was hype all weekend, then the guy blows it.

On the flip side Gold Panda was amazing and all stupid yoloswag hipsters drunk and mollied up didnt know what to do w his wonky techno set they couldnt dance to because it wasnt four to the floor lol

Saw Mala live last year, also at Give it dub in Nijmegen in The Netherlands, Sick set that man knows how to work the crowd.

I was hyped to see SBTRKT at the Outlook opening concert this year but he was pretty underwhelming.