The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Hey guys!

Been lurking here a while. Was hoping for some guidance.

I was watching This video earlier, and really wanted to experiment with the vowel modulation in Ableton. I followed the instructions to the T, but my sound comes out like this

Why does it sound so underwater? I reduced the gain in both the EQs, like he said, but my patch sounds nothing like his.


Well, there is a lot going on, but I’ll try to explain everything as simple as possible.

Here is a picture of my huge Ableton Rack :

( Forgot to delete the overdrive lol)

The first thing is a simple Fm patch. This kind of sound could be done with any Synth. But I think sytrus does the best job because you have way more control over the sound. This is how it sounds:

The three EQ’s, the two Phasers and the Vocoder are the things that shape the vowel. They all look like this:

The three EQ’s are all moving and shape the basic vowel, while the Vocoder and the phaser are all still and make the vowel stronger.

You can see that there is a lowpass at the last EQ. I did that because that also made the vowel stronger(Cant really explain why, but it does). Of course I had to bring that High end back with a lot of compression.

A thing that I do with all of my sounds is putting a very, very short reverb at the start of the chain to make it sound more wet.

All the other stuff in the chain tbh is very unnecessary and doesnt change the sound at all :smiley:

I hope that helped you :full_moon_with_face:


Ok… so this happened, Man i just can’t wrap my mind around how Virtual Riot makes his sound designs sound so cool. Mine are dull and just flawed in many aspects, any good advice? Serum is truly neat but i still can’t get my sound designs sound professional at all, I almost always add some color with vocodex as an rather robotic effect and maybe blood overdrive to make them more loud or add some amount of distortion even, and inside serums own effects hyper for some amount of metallic sound but still… man they are weird… How are they so full on the original?

Also the violins don’t like match with the song so if i will make an remake/remix out of that, there is A LOT to fix.


Whenever I did that, I was on mobile. I’m thinking something screwy happened with the interface since it is not optimized for mobile viewing but I couldn’t fix the quote thing so I just posted anyways.


You just use compression to bring up the quieter bits of the sound, it’s actually really easy. These compressor settings usually work for whatever growls I make.


Nice Dan Larsson’s growl :


The first one is the syndicate growl…it’s just a rip off


Lol,clean your ears and listen carefully,that’s the original


You already got reported, watch your mouth.


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i respect dan larsson job, envy is just not part of my behavior. I know that i still have a lot to learn, that’s why i joined this community. Even though the first growl sound like the syndicate one just transposed few semi. And “clean your ears” is not the best way to approach to someone


Dude you wrote “it’s just a rip off”…“remake” was the right word…


there was a video of dan larsson where he actually sampled the Syndicate growl bass…


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Again with clean your ears? Can you try to be polite? i mean i don’t even know you :slight_smile:
Those growls are cool tho!!


you guys don’t need a moderator, you need a babysitter. “clean your ears” is not inappropriate.

flagging things as inappropriate just because you don’t like them, when they’re not actually inappropriate, will result in warnings/bans in the future.

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Well I mean, phasers are like, the best for a growl (IMO, dont flame me, please). Usually you can implement it anywhere. For me, I use a phaser, then distortion. but 2 or 3 phasers can really make a crazy difference in vowely movement aswell. Such as this one, has 3 phasers. but without those phasers, it sounds like this. It basically makes the vowels more present in the sound and adds a characteristic that just give it the right tone.


Nice dude, I really like the ones without the phaser,which synth is it ?


its serum, with a shit ton of fx after it


Weird square riddim growl for all you guys that like that kind of shit.