The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Juicy, finally someone trying to make something other than the BA or skrill growl


I think I finally reached my holy frail in terms of growls. Kinda goes to show that you can make decent sounding stuff in any daw. Here is the growl in context


recently made this growl, tell me what u guys think


Might be of interest to people in here;


awesome thanks man :smiley:


Sytrus, Formant Filtering, Vocodex, Compression.


For all you nerds who still don’t understand Vowel Formants, here’s a chart that shows where each peak should go for each vowel


thx man, this really helps


And with that chart I made this Growl that gave me a Syndicate kinda throwback.


You’re Welcome


Made with Serum, really simple waveforms and a bit of post-processing


Dunno if this’ll count as a growl bass, it did sound a bit growly towards the end but it is definitely some neuro stuff. Made with Operator and some post-processing. I love the way this sounds. I thought I’d post something that wasn’t a generic brostep growl sound.


I tried to make my first growl in fm8. can i get some thoughts on this? :slight_smile:


Amazing dude !


Thanks man.


I keep seeing all these “Desembra” and “SMNS” growl attempts. Never once seen a mention of Au5 growls… has it been cracked and thats why no one talks about it? Ive come pretty close with some sort of 16 voice phasing spectral wavetable with a shitload of effects but can never seem to get it wet and crisp like his (not meant to sound dirty XD). Can anyone provide some insight? Thanks guys



Hahaha thanks XD


I meant Au5 growl XD I’ve already cracked that one with Harmor lol


can u give a specific song and time, made i can try to recreate it :slight_smile: