The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Hello everyone :)It’s been a while here huh :stuck_out_tongue: Yesterday I came across the new song from Panda Eyes - Isolated and I was wondering how does he make the growl at 00:19

Does anyone has a clue about it? It’s not hard for me to make growls BUT this one, even tho it’s pretty common, has that particular timbre that I struggle to achieve.


Alright bro to make a growl like this

  1. make a gutteral starting sound, either wavetables or fm synthesis works
    look for waves that look almost pw modulated or something
  2. macro ur modulations to the wavetable or fm knobs
  3. macro a medium resonance hp filter from around 50 hz to 700-900 hz for main formant sound
  4. macro a bunch of random notches sweeping around the spectrum, pick where they should go by ear
  5. now the main part of this growl is a shit ton of stationary phasers and maybe a cabinet simulator turned down a bit and probably 100 otts
  6. reverb?? and more compression/distortion (preferably before the reverb but who cares move the genre forward)


Thanks, i’ll try.


Not a growl but I can’t post new topics so here u go <3


Here’s my best attempt so far.

I came up with this growl from analyzing a Getter growl from one of his sample packs, and trying to emulate the waveform in Ableton Operator. I did the usual post processing but this time I used Filterscape Q6 for the formant frequencies. I programmed 5 vowel formants into the plug in and modulated between them all. The key though is I “pitched” down all the formants by 50%. There are also three layers, the high layer with the high pass filter, the mid layer without the high pass filter, and the sub layer. Here are screenshots of my chain.

How could I improve on this sound? All constructive criticism is welcome. I think this sound is pretty cool, but i’m really trying to crack the Panda Eyes growl. Any insights to how he gets his growls so deep? I think most of it really is the “waveform”.


Made a new growl


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Has anybody cracked the Herobust wet growl?


I think I accidentally recreated the Main Growl bass from Barely Alive - Kickin’ in


Trying to figure out this growl at :55

I’ve been messing around in serum and im a noob i’ve only been working on sound design for a couple weeks but i think i got something similar.

any tips on getting closer is appreciated.