The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


I am actual Skrolox:


Anyone know how to make a growl like this?


damn, i tried massive but i think ott will make it sound gud




Anyone left on here? I was messing around with a different way to setup growls in FM8 and I wanted to share something cool with anyone still hanging around! I always seem to have trouble getting sound variety when designing growls in FM8 and I came up with a different approach that seems to be more forgiving to that FM sensitivity where you get really nasty frequencies really quickly. It also seems to open up more modulator combinations because it keeps the noise tamed down.

The pic describes it all but the idea is to run the modulator signals through the Z filter first in order to tame the frequencies down before they hit your carrier. My Z filter is setup to be a bandpass btw. You can even automate the Z filter cutoff and resonance to evolve the sound even more.

I used to always run my modulators (A-E in the pic) directly into the carrier and pretty much ignored the filter in FM8 but this routing sets up a potentially creative way to make different sounds. It is something Massive or Serum can’t do which is filter a wavetable before it modulates a carrier.

Not sure if this will help but it is something that I never really thought about doing in FM8.


closest thing I’ve heard…vocoder + erosion?


No, the patch is made in Serum, and then has a bunch of other FX on the chain. There are 2 plugins that give it the “meat” of the growl:
-FM8 FX with just the cabinet effect
-EVOC 20 Filterbank (a stock plugin in Logic… has a similar effect to Vocodex but it’s not a vocoder)

The rest of the chain is just various stock distortion FX and a few OTT’s placed in the right spots.


Can you let us hear an example of what you have done with this metod? Thanks :blush:


Sure sure. Here is a clip where I am starting the z filter cutoff at 0 then slowly automating it up to 100% and then back down to 0% in a triangle shape. You can hear how the cutoff sweep changes the growl textures.


Nice, I like it. Nice textures plus the fact that is made with fm8 gives you a bonus clap by me :smiley:


you guys know how to make the hit at 0:49 ??


this might be a better example…first clip is direct modulation (no z filter) and the second clip is sending the modulators through the z filter first. I am in crappy earbuds right now so that might sound pretty terrible but the second clip shows how you might be able to shape different growls in a way you wouldn’t normally do so.


That’s actually a pretty neat idea. In the past I used to route the modulator into the carrier and then the carrier into the filter, but it always ended up sucking out a lot of the “juice” by having the filter be the last in the signal chain.

I’ll have to give this a go just for fun (I find it to be way easier to make good growls in Serum but I’ve always wanted to be able to do so in FM8).


Trying to recreate Barely Alive’s signature grunts. Idk how the devil they did it but this is my attempt…


I’ve been fucking with serum growls for the last 3-4 months and have some good shit I think. Check it out I’m happy to provide my methodology and presets. Hit me up if you want to talk synthesis and we can link on skype or discord.


This is the first time that I have used and made a growl in FM8. I think it is really close to Skrillex’s SMNS growl, or at least one of the closest that I have ever heard. My effect chain is horrible but it’s a work in progress.


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I am curious about where people get old samples from I don’t know… maybe Dub movies… or some spoken word recordings?.. I seem to, through the years, hear various samples of “Jamaican dudes” saying stuff like… “Jahh… Chaaa… and soundbwoy… and all that stuff”. No disrespect either about “Jamaican” dude, please…

I know of that movie called Babylon, about that London soundsystem… so that’s a good one.

I think Karma maybe used a cha-sample form that…


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