The techno thread



Really feeling this release, copped it


think you might dig this as well


out to the youtube recommends :cornlol:




I thought it was one of those albums that were in everyone’s recommended videos for time; it’s been in mine for a year or two even though I’ve listened to it a few times at work before.


that saboten tune is fukken mwad


haha yeah, i’d seen it a few times on my own rec’s, very happy I actually clicked it for once. The production and vibe are very nice imo, and it led me into a nice rabbit hole of discovering artists around him


post ur bangers instead of hating anywayz, I need ur knowledge



proper cheese


Really been feeling this one.



Alex Smoke has been hitting a perfect spot for me lately; a little bit of everything I love in music


Can anyone tell me the starting track of this video…!! It would be very helpful.



srs waste of techno knowledge on here

post more in this thread you dummies, I know you all know all types of heat


here som beets ive been enjoying lately

(at least by my v loose personal definition of ‘techno’ haha)


Tzusing is the absolute greatest.


Yeah man, there is so much killer music coming out of china these days. Urban oppression at work once again