The techno thread


the found cartoon vid is incredible lllooool

If the dog and cat held all fours together, the cat being upside down, would form a heart. :slight_smile:


Thanks to this tune for the introduction to Jim Woodring’s comics.


ah, cool

its fun


Made some techno (3rd track in, Jezebel).


4/4 ambient

bit gay bit amazing



I know that studio.



Who is it ?


That is Malcom Cecil and Tonto Studio. He engineered and co-produced Stevie Wonder’s most classic records including Innervisions.


Steve is god

steveland morris is deity


Techno Taxi lol



I dont really know if this is techno or ghetto house or w/e but its so fucking lit

post more shit like this guys if u know it pls


this DJ Slip guys a fucking sick ■■■■ btw


Anyone happen to get a rip of this? Can’t play it in U.S. :confounded:


Sounds like mid nineties minimal techno to early naughties tech house IMO. With very rough production tho.
Check out Gez Varley, Schatrax, Salo (label)… I don’t own too much of this stuff but dug around a bit and might have made a somewhat coherent discogs list somewhere; I’ll have a look.

darker still




this soundtrack…