Thought I was getting MEDI082, instead:

Ordered a 12" test pressing on Discogs of Commodo feat. JME - Shift. Got a test pressing that seemed fine, markings said “MEDI082” so I thought it was fine, except it was single-sided. No matter, I played it…lo and behold, it was a different track altogether.

After research I found out that in fact it is this track, Gantz “Free Focus (Commodo Remix)”:

I think this is still unreleased. But this isn’t on acetate, it’s on pressed vinyl. I suppose it could be lathe cut, but I’ve never heard of lathe cutting onto actual vinyl, it’s always just PVC or acetate, and the type of label and the weight are clearly that of pressed vinyl.

But as far as I know, this track was never pressed commercially. But I guess it was maybe for DJs…?

What the actual fuck. I’m confused.


congrats on your new dubplate


looooooool big up!

i’ll swap u my copy of shift for it

u can press vinyl dubplates though mate

maybe promo copy to send to djs cos it’s forthcoming? hopefully…


Oh I wasn’t aware they pressed dubs as well, yeah I guess since Deep Medi probably has a good relationship with a pressing plant they can get short-runs pressed. I’m def holding onto it though sorry :wink:

gantz free focus with this b-side would be :corndance: :corndance: :corndance:

Prove it, send me the plate so I can verify it. Or record a wav of it and send that over


If it was a promo surely it’d be a promo of the whole release not just one tune?

that’s why I was confused, and the runout etchings say “MEDI082” o_O

will post pics and vid

Hope this video works, I can’t check because I’m at work


You don’t understand how much I hate you rn


lol sick

who was the seller?

holy fuck

do you know how much people want this dub?

It won dub of the year on the DSF awards last year lol

I almost don’t believe this haha


I don’t know, some guy named woofhard_one on Discogs, his email indicates his company is Exalt Records, but he hasn’t given me anymore info.

I was pretty surprised too honestly, wasn’t expecting this at all.

hahaha this is pretty mad.

big up for actual quality story.


mala is retiring so he’s on some willy wonka golden ticket shit imo


Watch out for Body Clock Delay/DMZ vs MZN on the Jack sparrow TPs


Loool this is jokes. I’m bare jelly.

ahhhh… I saw that TP for sale :frowning:

I am so, so jealous.
I’ve bought TPs off of that guy before but they always turned out to be what they were advertised as. Although I did get a TP of Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Knowledge EP off of him for about £4, so that was cool.
I guess that means that this tune is getting released at some point, which is good news!