Top 5 favourite albums

Could be interesting. Mine isn’t a solid choice becuase its liable to change.

At the drive in - in casino out
Primus - brown album
Pavement - slanted enchanted
Cypress hill - temples of boom
Stump - a fierce pancake

Somehow these albums have never left my iPod and computer.

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soundgarden - superunknown
mars volta - deloused in the comatorium
aic -dirt
some dillinger, jimi, thin lizzy or meshuggah lol

phace - psycho
teebee - black science labs
bc uk - inside the machine
maybe - another record aswell
dillinja - doesn’t longplay

brandy - full moon
aaliyah -aaliyah
future - monster> pluto

mobb deep - hell on earth
stevie wonder - songs in the key of life
squarepusher - richard d james record

but breakcore + anything bogdan raczynski>>>>

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Deloused is like my 7th favourite album ever I recon.

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I was thinking i had to mention it when you had the drive in there

such a full record - where almost every track is good

I forgot outkast - aquemeni, slum village - trinity (similarly ‘perfect’ records imo

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So good so good

probably something like (no order)

sonic youth - bad moon rising
autechre - confield
boards of canada - geogaddi
slowdive - souvlaki
broadcast - tender buttons
double leopards - halve maen

tends to change a lot though. and yes that makes it 6 and 3 of them are warp records but :smiling_imp:

the only one in my “list” that’s not interchangeable based on mood of the day. top record.

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its hard to make 5.
also sonic youth are another band i had to relegate to my top ten D:

Forest Swords- Engravings
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Burial- untrue

Not really sure after that.

Kendrick lamar - Good Kid Maad City
Burial - Burial or Untrue, depends on my mood
J.Cole - 2014 Forest Hill Drive
Tinashe - Aquarius
Kendrick Lamar - Section.80

I reckon Aquarius and forest hills is subject to change, but rn I rate them both highly

Edit - also wanna give special shouts to:
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
Schoolboy Q - Habits & Contradictions
Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron
Nas - Illmatic
Horsepower Productions - In Fine Style
Horsepower Productions - To The Rescue
YG - My Krazy Life
Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Joey Badass - B4DA$$

And all the other albums that I loved but can’t remember rn

which one of their albums would you pick?

Evol :slight_smile:

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come on you forum regs !

can you count to five albums etc ?

VU & Nico
United States of America

Must admit it’s been ages since I’ve listened to any albums though tbh. The massive bulk of my listening tends to be podcasts/mixes these days


mostly mixtapes or sc or youtube when visiting people and their horrible old samey record collections lol

people around me have the audacity to for example listen to a doors record or a tom waits one and still think they count as being alive lol

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My top 5 albums by artist are:

  1. Burial
  2. Explosions in the Sky
  3. The Mars Volta
  4. Tupac (lol, it’s really hard to come up with a list of albums, they all mostly the same artists)
  5. My boys BBBM (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mo, maybe Rach too)
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only album from them and one of the few hip hop albums i like. their bits before this were a bit cheesy and the shit after it was just meh. this one tho… flawless production, dark as fuck, some samples wouldn’t be out of the place on mid 90s dnb/jungle tunes


It changes all the time it’s so so impossible to pick just 5.

I always think that the stuff that stands out is the stuff that you can go weeks/months without listening to, and then when you actually do, it still stands alone and connects with you like nothing else.

Have to pick a Radiohead album, they for me stand alone musically, as do The Beatles actually. I’d go for OK Computer or Hail To The Thief, and I’d go for Abbey Road from the Beatles.

I’d pick Shadows Collide With People by John Frusciante - if any of you haven’t heard his solo stuff I cannot recommend it highly enough it’s just fucking outstanding.

After those potential 3 there’s then a list of about 8374984653186451 albums that could get in there, that changes almost hourly haha. I have to give an honourable mention to Fabriclive 37, not because it’s ‘such a great album’, nor does it represent Dubstep (that wasnt it’s point), it’s just because it’s the piece of music that got me hooked on Dubstep as a sound, and I owe it so much for that.

I really like black sunday too but yea the funk samples and al that are quite cheesy and the sound of the album isnt special. Temples of boom is the album that made me realise theres more to music than rock/alternative/punk derived music.

This changes every week, but a current rough list:

Burial - Burial
Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Andy Stott - Passed Me By
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
Metalheadz Platinum Breakz vol. 1 (if that can count)

Most of these ain’t really my fav music these days, or what I think is exciting/inspiring now but they a hit me hard in a time/place

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