Track ID Thread

Can someone please ID this tune at 29:00, unreleased Tessela maybe?

Can someone please tell whose version of “Burro Banton - Boom Wha Dis” sounds as the last tune in Kahn & Neek Reconstrvct XX set?

P.S. If only someone volunteered to put up a tracklist of that mix… I just can’t sleep no more…

Need ID on two tunes laid down by Pinch:

Tune @27:20 (the one before Namkha (Kahn rmx)

The second tune incoming @0:30

No idea about the first one.
Second one is Pinch & Roska - Shoulda Rolla, out on Tectonic.

Man, that vid has me all nostalgic. Cabaret was such a sick venue. :corncry:
That was Pinch’s second appearance at DubExMachina… He played Mid-June Madness aswell, which went off. First time I heard that tune. Brilliant night.

Cheers mate!

Anyone know this beat?

I’m hoping to get help with the id a tune oneman has been playing, It has vocals in it that say “dont leave me girl”

Audio starts at 1 hour and 26 mins into this podcast.

Looking for this one EP/Album.
It’s by a German Ambient and Techno producer. He made at least the title track from it by recording and processing the sound of cars passing by on a motorway from a field somewhere in Germany.
It’s an Ambient EP, and I think the artwork for it was green/grey, or some colour that could be some kind of blend of the two. Not sure if there was an image, I just remember an approximate shade therein.
Have no idea of his name, but I think it was released in the 80s or 90s and perhaps recorded earlier on in the century. IIRC, the dude was in some pretty popular early industrial techno outfits.
I wanted to post it in the Noise thread, so I’ll also post this question in there.

whats the track that comes in around the 24 minute mark, drops at ~24.50? heard it a bit over the past couple of months.

edit: ARtroniks - Mischieved

Anyone know the tune being faded out on the intro to this? Thought it was Jaona, kinda sounds Swampy.

Feel like it’s a blend of a bunch of stuff. I definitely recognize claptrap and power drumss, and a 707 kick in there.

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cheers man.

The two tunes on the flip are miles better though.

Anyone know the track at 13:40?

What’s the track at 1:35:20? one with the loose ends sample. @0h85


damn, that’s hot shit

yeee quality ep

hey, me again, track at 13:45?