Track ID Thread






my mum owns this. tried taking it with me when I moved out but she was on to me.


Anyone know the track about 25:30 in? “Reggaeton + Al Qaeda” didn’t pull up any results


Can someone please ID the track that starts around 49 min mark and ends around 54 min mark? I’ve been looking for this track ID for 3 years.


Anyone know about this fierce dubplate before Sunbeam VIP? Ishan Sound dropped it in Stockholm and tore the roof down!


Big tune.


Bigup mate!


What is that absolute smasher @11:00?


Wouldn’t mind pretty much all tunes in this ID’d hahah


Shit, no one?
I should have tagged the right person from the very beginning.
@epiccentipede6942 ? :badteeth:


Not Dubstep sorry, but the track on this Aphex interview is killing me rn

(Goth-Trad @ Sonic Boom XL, Amsterdam May 13th)

I should know this… sounds so familiar.





Hi everyone! I’m looking for this song in background interview with Pete Tong in Skream & Benga’s BBC Radio 1 show from 2013. This sounds like dub. Maybe you know this tune. I’m desperate. I have been looking for this song for three years. This is my upload. I would be thankful.

#41 Anyone knows the song at 3:21. Would be cool if so.




Hijak - Tears


can somebody ID the tune @ around 25 mins? the funky chopped up bit