Track ID Thread


What is the Skeng-version coming in at 1:04?


Does anyone have an ID on the tune that drops at 4:49? Sounds like old Kromestar maybe?


not sure which one you mean but it’s one of these i think


can’t check that atm, but it’s the one with the electric guitarish riff on top and a ‘skippy’ beat, goes into a slowed down hip hop instrumental after 32/16 bars and back.

Think it is a spooky bit


i think it’s the bandcamp one


ye, it is thanks mate, didn’t notice that link at first


anyone know what this is? Believe it may be a Zed Bias track, but I am not sure about that either. Absolute banger:




58:21 - help me out here, can’t remember


crack bong remix


It’s just an untitled coki dubplate that probably will never be released.


wow loefah crack bong into quest change the world


cheers, remembered it a few minutes after posting that

big tune



Rapture 4D - Rage’n?


Been trying to track ID this for almost 2 years. Anyone know?


Sounds like some variation on

(that’s the tune Shazam spat out btw)


That’s it! Thank you!


#66 do anybody know these dubstep or more like glitch hop at min 2:49?