Track ID Thread


anyone know the 3rd beat on this. I have the mp3 somewhere but can’t remember the name.
starts at 8:51



yes man Biggups!!!


does anyone know the bit 2h46m in?
‘this one is dangerous…’ doing my head in, someone played it at outlook… kinda sounds like old truth


that sounds like truth. I think.


managed to track it down :slight_smile:


There’s an older tune that samples the bit below (from ‘They Live’)

Think it might be by Skream or Truth, but not sure, anyone knows what I’m talking about?

There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys. They’re running the whole show! They own everything, the whole god-damn planet.


Can anyone ID this tune? Hell Yeah by Gritt is mixed in towards the end. Thank you.


3:42 anyone? sounds familiar


not 100% sure but sounds like dorian concept

edit: ya, it’s trilingual dance sexperience


thanks m8, great track


For the past decade or so I get spells where this goes round and round in my head but I think its unreleased. Did it have a name? Was it ever given away for free?



played by mala, probably unreleased stuff, has a church-organ like synth in it, doesnt sound like any very recognizable medi artists but i could be wrong

any idea?


headland - tasty witch; such a banger



thanks man

edit: is there any info on a potential release?


I quite like this cheeky bootleg, it’s very silly

Also my brother had a go at remixing it too


Anyone knows the tune coming in @55 min mark, just before Square Off? Serious!


i’ll paypal £5 to anyone who can ID this tune (not dubstep)

@ 32m 37s

as far as I can tell it’s a diss track aimed at Terry Ganzie i think?
“me hear the boi ganzie love lesbian, mmmmmmhhhm!”

absolutely sick beat
please help


I am trying to ID a segment in this clip. The main part of this is Uberzone - The Freaks (Gettin Tribal Mix) (an old breaks tune) However, the heavy part that starts at 0:29 seconds is unknown. I will PayPal $10 to whoever can ID the track or artist for that part. Please help, I’ve been looking for about a year lol.


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Anyone know the tune around 32:00? Comes in after work them