Track ID Thread


@0h85 know what the first tune is?

edit: nevermind according to description its dj nate - see into my eyes


There’s a track which has the same (or very similar) sequence as the first four chords of this before the start of a phrase. Might be a few years old.

anyone knows what i’m talking about?


Truth - Emperor, absolute dancefloor skenger

it samples the Fantomas cover of the Cape Fear theme


thanks mate, i know about that tune, but that’s not the one

rememebered what it was just now:


Hi all smart DSF’ers…

I have been looking for the name of this track in this video for the past YEAR. Track starts at 0:50 minute…

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it was not found in the comments section of the YouTube channel.



that workout dubstep tune is by benny ill, go through his releases

sick video btw


one of benny’s finer works for sure


Thanks a lot guys for pointing me in the right direction. I actually tried taking a look over his releases but couldn’t find it. Also checked all of the releases on Beatport, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify for everything under him, Horsepower Productions, Bill & Ben but still no luck.

Does he go under any other pseudo name? I’ve checked Discogs and he does go by his real name and a few others but most of these tracks were released in the 90’s and I couldn’t find their tracks on the net.

Glad you liked the video though!


Data, SP:MC, Krome, Icicle, Youngsta? 1

Guessing its not Icicle… Taken from Cluekid Croydub set April 2018


Nah cluekid tune, been a dub for a good while now

  1. hm ok, thank very much


Anyone ID the track at around 39:55?



Bigups :gunfinger:


Hi, does anyone knows what is the tune played at 3hours 50min in this dj mag bunker please ?


Hey did someone can tell me what is the tune played at 20minute30 please in this mix ?