Where do you think dubstep is going?

sadly i dont think so

Well done dsf on delivering another truly 10/10 thread. An exceptional(ly embarrassing) read.

I knocked :chicken:

Have you guys heard of this new genre called Dubstepubotomon?

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Dubstepubotomon is so 2014 m8…


:badteeth: (me being cheeky)

Has brostep changed/advanced since 2009? I feel like the only thing is that the kids who knew jack back then caught up on sound design and are rinsing old shit to death.
Before that I feel like there was a periodic shift/lineage type of dynamic where every now and then someone would come through with a new take on it all, these days whenever I hear it it just seems stagnant. Feels like Skrillex was the end of the line, chronologically speaking.


Funny: I hear bro sounds in non-bro music a lot these days.

That’s where it went…

Presets killed the EDM star.


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not all of the non-loefah related swamp stuff is bad
half of that stuff is inspired by jakes lol

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This thread’s still going?

Whenever friends send me riddim tunes I just send them Jake’s tunes from like 6 years ago lol




Been waiting for this

tl;dr passed tha treally funny bit with the labels around 139. #DSFmomentz

As far as deep dubstep goes, I think it’s starting to come back. Sure, it’ll never be like the way it was back in 2005, but I still think it’s great. However, “brostep” is continuing to get worse and worse in my opinion. It was alright back in 2010-2013, but after that, it went downhill.

During 2013 when I first got into dubstep, brostep was a big thing for me and I was trying to avoid it like the plague. However, now that I follow grime more than dubstep and I also listen to very niche soundcloud producers, brostep feels like a distant memory. On the occasion it pops up on my radar / soundcloud feed / whatever again I really just don’t care about it anymore. The hype’s for it died down hugely compared to the past couple years, although I guess it really depends on what you point your ears to. At least dubstep’s still burgeoning through labels like Innamind, but the OG labels like Tempa and Tectonic are going increasingly leftfield / what’s prevalent in murky club music right now. The last time I bought a dubstep record though was last year.

who thinks about where a genre is going and not where ur favorite artists are going

That to me is the hardest thing to gauge, because sometimes there are people that come out and take things that we’re familiar with and turn them on their heads. James Blake did that at first in my opinion, unfortunately with music critics and others prematurely labeling what he did as “post-dubstep” and his creativity kind of waned, it ended up not really going much of anywhere.

To me the only way to gauge where it’s going to go is just to remain open to sounds and accept that you may never know where the next direction is. Like the kind of “dubwise” trend within the dubstep scene, I mean it makes perfect sense that that became a more trending sound because artists and DJs were looking back at the roots of dubstep again in a more widespread way, maybe as a kind of search for a direction. But I don’t know, I’m just kind of guessing.

but what im saying is that how can you say you’re into dubstep moreso than saying you’re into a specific artist

it’s like saying that you’re stuck on a flavor of one time period and cant move on, like those idiots who still rock beards in 2016