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I’m kinda gutted that he didn’t use a mobius strip for the artwork. Still looks quite nice, just a let down though.


im just left scratching my head over the kerning on the typography there…

oh well, defo insta cop for me, been after a few of these tunes for time. Defo gutted about the 6 tunes per side but I remember him saying in an interview the album is meant to be listened to as an album not just a collection of singles.


that jungly dnb tune is pretty frickin tight (Hold Tight). Golden Bough and Avalon are pretty solid tunes on the 140 side of tings.

hope it’s coming out digi as well.


does anywhere online have ALL the clips? theres only 4 clips on redeye.


you have to go to the full page on redeye (more info) and then you get all the clips (same with any release on redeye)


im so shit. fuck sake. K


lol i only found this out recently tbf

#89 :wink:


Interestingly, the promo for “Mobius Strip” came as one continuous play wav file at 48 mins


clever way to make you try and see it as a whole thing rather than just a set of tracks imo


Yep, well played Tunnidge.


Cheeky geezer


10th Anniversary of “Dubstep Warz”

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Mary Anne Hobbs’ legendary “Dubstep Warz” show on BBC Radio 1. It changed dubstep forever.


that pic could use a bangbros watermark





Boofy - BANDULU006 EP
Released: January 22nd

A1. Mask & Glove
A2. No Beg Friend
B1. Bayoent
B2. Truncheon


We’re premiering “Splinted” the leading track from Taiko’s forthcoming release on Albion Collective. Listen and read Jake’s review here:


Benga - Future Funk EP
Released: February 26th

  1. Future Funk
  2. Make Moves
  3. Power


There was some incredible record artwork last year. Which one was your favourite?