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some of my favs


Leo James (Ruckspin) - Speak Back EP
Released: February 5th

A1. Speak Back (feat. Shanee)
B1. Day Dream In Dub (w/ Ed Gooden)
B2. Speak Back (EGOLESS Remix)

• Navy Cut is a new label founded by J.Sparrow


Phrex - Aldebaran // Borderless (Refugees Welcome)
Released: TBA

A crowdfunded project.


Infernal Sounds graduates from Youtube channel to full fledged label, signing the Kiwi squad Perverse for their debut release for a three tracker aimed directly for the heads. Jay Zer0 reviews IFS001:


“After introducing the world to yungblood Foamplate, Sleeper and Crucial Recordings kicks 2016 in the face with another heavy slab of skunked out speaker worship”. Jay Zer0 reviews CRUCIAL004:


any chance we’ll be seeing a TRSK002 sometime soon? that headhunter plate was easily one of my most played last year


Working on it chief :wink:


Our first feature of 2016 is from Tremble. Read the interview and download the mix:


I listened to my trusik last night. 1st play both sides. enjoyed it. maybe i’ll listen to it again this weekend. I’ll post about it later again prob. Maybe ill do a photo op.


Thank you everyone playing / supporting the Tremble mix. We’ve now uploaded it to our Mixcloud channel for those that use it.


Digital Mystikz - Haunted / Anti War Dub was released 10 years ago today.


WIN A COPY OF RUFFCUT006: Tremble - Radix / Chalice


Review: Silkie (ft. Joss Ryan) - Don’t Play Games EP


Review: Tunnidge – Mobius Strip LP [STY001]


Competition: Win a Mobius Strip Album Art Poster


Fresh interview with Headhunter by the superb team at Sub.mission


Brand new Headhunter mix courtesy of Sub.mission


Yellow Brick Roadz presents: Goth-Trad & Om Unit




Horsepower Productions - Crooks, Crime & Corruption LP
Released: April 29th