Tuna - The Legend Continues

yeah we started with theme after the reboot but slowly went away from it
i dunno if i can keep up with a theme every week dont have this amount of time anymore :frowning:

Yeah I don’t remember a theme, but at one point we did this thing where one person would pick the samples for that week. I’m down with a theme though, been trying to challenge myself lately.

Ok, will scratch the one about themes.

Anything else?

i am down with the rest what would talking out of turn mean though?

Anything that gets you a paddling.

a i see :smile:

Sass mouth, basically.

Don’t want to have start beating people with a bag of oranges.

ah no last team was really nice but i think it should be in the rules you are right

Sounds vibetastic


chickencats looking for scraps- vibes, is very apt as a theme tbh

i can join in in a few weeks maybe but im moving countries on saturday so wont be making many tunes haha

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First batch of tuna this Friday then? And I assume Tabasco will be the unofficial tunaheadleader?

Got no problems with that. Everyone PM me there stuff via SC link (ensure SC link can be shared) and I’ll compile them in a post.

was it friday or sunday cant remember? but yeah friday for the first sounds good (but honestly i will pick sth i am working on right now :wink: )

have to write here cant add another reply cant figure out how to pm lol :cold_sweat: :scream:


Friday and Saturday and they were posted Sunday i believe

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Working on something a bit tonight and tomorrow, then hitting Tabasco with a link in the a.m. Friday. I’m hyped for this shit!

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TBH it’ll do me good to have a fire lit under my ass. Production always drops off a little during the summer months when we’re hitting 100 most days.