Is there a tuna! thread here? or did that die with old dsf? Or any production challenge type threads.

Whats a tuna thread?

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All dead.

Fragments and nowaysj have quit as well.

iā€™d be up for it if it picks up again, fairly sure Bud would be up as well

despite norwaysj being gone, some of the old tunaites are still here. what do you say @hubb @Jizz @Samuel_L_Damnson @kaili ?
(probably forgot some, not posting/lurking much lately)

@dj_feend the tuna thread was a very magical place in the old forum see https://www.dubstepforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=281391



Thanks. That sounds fun. Wish i was old enough to ride the ride.