Tune ID


nah, sorry. :confused: haven’t been keeping up with the bass stuff the past two years or so.




extremely distorted clip of some shit commodo played i would like an ID on

i’m the last regular on here who still goes to dubstep nights right?

edit: so its @Jook - Gold Rush

any release plans you can share?


have a classic grime banger stuck in my head that I’ve been unable to find artist - track name. it’s from the 2008-2011 era, can’t recall if it was in a live mix by skream or on rinse fm or some other mix.

here’s the only lyrics I can remember:

When I get drunk I get wicked
something something murda

chorus: what a chop chop! what a chop chop!




Immediately thought of this but it ain’t what you’re looking for…

Still a banger though


banger indeed. damn for a second your video I thought jogged my memory, and I thought this was the song I was thinking of:

but it’s an older one. maybe in a Benga mix? the guy kind of has a deeper voice. if someone knows the chorus they will know it. remembered one more line:

what chop chop! what a chop chop!
something something you know we run deez/dem blocks


Long shot ( and much newer than you say) but maybe this?


that’s it! didn’t remember a single lyric right lmao but that is the exact song. deep medi damn hmmm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: amazing dubstep knowledge, much appreciated


“What a chop chop”…



Anyone help at 21:50? Been trying to find this song for years.


Hello! I’m looking for the track ID coming at 47:50
Can anyone help me with this one? Sounds very like Jakes tho…


Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum Remix)



That’s a Skream tune, can’t recall the name though, sorry

edit: Skream - Woinky, free download