Tune ID


Couldn’t find a tune id thread so sorry of there is one. Im looking for a classic.

"I would like to scan
all of you in this room
one at a time.

I, I must remind you
that the, uh, scanning experience
is usually a painful one,

sometimes resulting in nosebleeds,

earaches, stomach cramps, nausea.

Sometimes other symptoms
of a similar nature."


Loefah - goat stare


Thanks you’re a legend!


I was loving a tune
my daughter uploaded an ap
& there it was:
Distance’s remix of Mala’s Changes
mixed into the b-side.


probably a long shot but eh:

soca/dancehall sounding tune, played by addison groove, has lyrics that go something like “gyal boom like mi speaker, the left is the bass and the right is the treble”

anyone? do we have a soca/dancehall expert in here?



fire tho


anyone know the first tune in this? It’s been bugging me for years


tune that chef plays round 2:06:00?


Sounds like Coki, don’t know the track name though


haha yeah went through a whole bunch of coki tunes. some of them are so close… not this one though


Coki - Light One


yes, thanks

its still a dubplate :cornlol:


tune played by kahn, almost 100% sure its commodo from the sound design but very melodic, like the bridge could almost be a silkie tune? anyone?