Tunes You Can't Mix

Rezzett - Goodness
The percussion’s timing in the intro is so disturbing and once the kick sets in, it’s drenched in effects and buried in the mix; I have a very hard time lining this one up even at home. Although I imagine it being really fucking good to get from ~170bpm to 130, maybe?

it’s obviously not impossible, but Skream - The Shinein can be challenging if you’re not fully concentrating, those 4 or so bars of silence before it drops are the main problem i’d say

Cant mix roll with the punches

Back on the old forum people even told me how to mix it, still cant.

the key to mixing it is don’t

but really, the kick on the first, happens at the end of like 3 or 4 (?) kicks in a row, so beat match the last kick in the series, not the first, and ya golden(ish). Just listen for the boom bap, and you’ll know what im talking about haha.

honestly though, even when perfectly locked in a beat match, roll with the punches does not sound good with most tunes.

you sure? i just checked in traktor and the first kick in the song is exactly 48 bars before the drop

but yeah few tunes that truly go well with it, eyez is pretty reliable though

Just wheel the tune you’re playing then drop roll with the punches

Guido - Chakra


synth starts on the 2nd beat doesnt it? that’s how i mix it. Still 50/50 whether i pull it off though.

maybe i’m not mixing it correctly idk but that one never gives me much grief, usually start mixing it when the snare on the third comes in, focus on that and it’s fine for me

Has anyone mixed etched head plate as an intro yet?

Ive yet to get the karma System plate mixed or even in traktor Pinch- Swish always sounded way off.

To be fair my mixing skills are slightly above “complete noob”

Yeah that karma record gives me the slip most times. I strangely remember a couple of occasions where I’ve blended how ya feel really well, though I think that’s been the result of a lucky break

i love mixing that Karma plate, How Ya Feel is fast but it’s quite clear in the mix

Swish is a bit faster than 140 iirc.
Smear Dub should be fairly straight forward; however I find myself often nudging the pitchfader up and down a bit to keep it tight, but it definitely isn’t one of those “140bpm press play hands-off” tunes. As if the record was minimally warped. Nothing major though.

Thats essentially the only way I can mix :cornlol:

Isn’t this fairly common because of the nature of vinyl? I’ve noticed, especially when mixing vinyl -> CD, that vinyls aren’t perfect compared to digital. I mean you can leave two 140s perfectly synced in Serato running for the whole tune and it won’t fall out of sync but with some vinyls it doesn’t always work like that. Usually needs the slightest of adjustments forward/backwards… its barely noticeable… or maybe my ears are just shit.

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No you’re right, although there are plenty examples that won’t budge.

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Can anyOne do anything with Foamplate - Oculus Rift

Crackhead swing

Las - lesson, just can’t get my head around it to mix that

Also your eyes seems to have an extra bar or something in the last third or something cause I’ve never been able to cleanly mix out of it (specifically trynna get tune b to drop after it has that pure sub section for 2 bars or whatever)

Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with Your Eyes… isn’t there a song or two on that EP which isn’t straight 4/4?