Turntables/Cassette Decks

What are your prefered turntables and cassette decks? Good/bad experiences.

SL 1200/1210.

Haven’t had a cassette deck since the 80s. Why anyone would want music on cassette in the 21st century is beyond me :corntard:

SL1210 all day long! Anybody that says different in terms of actual turntables needs educating!
That’s my opinion anyway, did anybody every try the SLDZ series? The cd ones

1200s and casette decks are fun to record and play with Get the oldest dirtiest one you can find in a second hand shop

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I’ve got a pair of Stanton ST-150s, just cos I got them cheap off Gumtree. Haven’t had any problems with them whatsoever; obviously can’t say what they’ll be like in 20 years or so, but they’re heavy duty things, good motor etc.

Played on the new Pioneer decks at a radio station and they were fine too, no particular problems (apart form not realising that one was set to ±50% pitch, having to ride the pitch on fucking eggshells and thinking I was going mad ha)

I have a Base record player that’s a piece of shit.

I’ve had Stanton T. 120s for almost 2 years now & they’ve been serving me well. I gig 'em every month. I’m tempted to sell em for Vestax though after going to the Community Skratch Games & seeing everyone killing it on those!

I’ve a borrowed a 4 track Tascam cassette recorder & it’s cool as fuck for recording tunes with a nice dirty texture.

I’m on the look out for one for myself too.

old auto cassette players are boss
just bought 2 new genuine Toyota players (for 1990s models) from an auto-electrician
who found them up on a back shelf

getting hard to find cleaner tapes & twin-deck dubbing hardware though

also Digitor tape players, designed for digitizing tapes, are pretty good to hook up to amps

and re turntable for home
happy with Audio Technica’s ATLP120

The way a cassette tape colours the sound fits certain genres really well. Mainly noise, power electronics, black metal etc.

Also it’s a cheap way to have a physical copy of an album. Plus with it being difficult to skip it suits stuff that should be listened to in one go.

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Each to their own and all that, and an unpopular opinion perhaps, but for me cassette tape has no saving graces - a shit medium revived by hipsters. I just have too many bad memories from the 80s of snapped tapes, having to selotape tapes back together and winding it back in with a pencil, but most importantly - the quality is terrible compared current alternatives. You can get digital dynamics that emulate tape to give you that ‘warmth’ or whatever colouring you want. You want a physical copy? Save a couple more quid and get vinyl.

can’t play vinyl in the car on 1000km trips
(nor CDs on outback corrugations)

I own 2 Technics SL-1210MK2 and they’re absolutely fine. These are my first decks, never tried anything else…
Besides, Technics is airing a new campaign, even though they don’t produce 1210’s anymore:

Cassettes on the rise…

I have a Technics cassette deck.

im putting out a cassette release bc im a piece of shit and i like it


fuck cassettes…all the nobs buying into it now for the first time will agree with that statement in a couple of years

did i ever mention i don’t like tape cassettes as a serious medium for releasing music on in 2017?

buy my cassette


One turntable is a Stanton ST50. It’s absolute shit.
the platter actually wobbles because my cat walked over it, meaning your needle will jump on the record if you don’t touch it soft enough. The speeds are also not constant during the whole record. Learned to mix on that one and a reloop RP2000 which is a decent player.

Played out on 1200s not too long ago and didn’t slip even a little. I realized it was a good thing to learn it with a shit player. Gotta save up a bit for my own 1200s though.