UK Funky


i’m sure there’s more arguments to put this under house, but i feel it came from grime and grime producers, let me know opinions/move this
Grievous Angel- Funky Manifesto mix





I really want to do a Uk-funky line up down the line for Converge. Proper good stuff


that’d be sick i think it might go off this summer (altho i thought that about bassline back in january lol), been hearing it in quite a few 130/grime sets lately (obviously incl riz)

looking forward to a day party in bristol after my exams, supa d, brackles, riz la teef, should be well good


brackles is such an underrated dj. Hes been pushing various sounds for time now and gets so little recognition



geiom is underrated af. been at it for like 20 years too


some realreal good stuff in dis


i havent really notice if hes done anything over the last few years?
berkane sol was a quality label tho


don’t think he released anything since 2012-2013?


looks like this is him most recent one





big tunes

no more tears by geiom is a percy




Champion is a don.

And the full track

From Commodos Big Up mix