UK Funky


Sorry for the self-promo, did this mix a few months ago.

Been noticing more and more djs doing “UK Funky” sets recently. Also, support/residents dropping it in their sets for a bit.

Jelly Jams - Emotions
Funkystepz - Loca Moca
Perempay & Dee - In The Air feat. Katie Pearl
Geeneus - Yellowtail
Geeneus - Good Life feat. Katy B
D-Malice - Gabryelle (Refix)
Princess Nyah - Frontline
Roska - Squark
Donae’o - Party Hard
Hard House Bantons - Sirens
Geeneus - As I feat. Katy B
MJ Cole - Volcano Riddim
Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu Mix)
Apple - De Siegalizer
Roska - Wonderful Day feat. Jamie George
Perempay & Dee - Buss It
Funkystepz - Leave With You
Altered Natives - Rass Out
Donae’o - Devil In A Blue Dress
Crazy Cousinz - Funky Anthem feat. MC Versatile
Lil Silva - Seasons


no lie i was thinking of posting your mix, it’s really good


Chucked it on now >>


Ah nice one guys, appreciate that



yo i’m after some more mixes if anyone can help

keep stumbling upon cool sounding ones like this with expired links



cheers bruh will check

joe that sugar coated lover tune is one of the best things i’ve heard in a while,
some more spring/summer season appropriate tunes

^that shit casio keyboard sample in this, keep thinking someone’s gonna start screaming ‘FROM ATLANTIS TO INTERZONE’


haha memories of being a teenager


Theres a fair bit of Uk Funky in this, ateast for what is Akitos bit.



i really like this jackmaster mix

this is what i listened to last summer and it completely got me into funky (really just from do you mind remix alone), think you gotta use the itunes link


That mix is acutally sick, Im not sure if its a big b2b or what but if it is just Akito then Im bloody glad I booked him for converge




roska at his finest


love the drums on this one


This probably the best thread to ask about this. Anyone know the ID on the one at 1 hour 10 mins 30 to 1 hour 11 mins 30? It sounds a bit like x5 dubs - Baby and think there’s a Funkystepz ident over it but there’s no clues online of any Funkystepz remix of Baby.


no idea…

this is sick, gets realllly gully in that second half where he dives into just doing his own tunes


remix of baby as far as i can tell. could be an exclusive considering the amount of “brackles” samples played over it


Yeah I’m guessing it’s something unreleased either way unfortunately