UK Funky



roska’s not one i go mad for usually, this 1 tho is mental

blends so sick with anything, try it with seasons

(is that wonderful day one by him i fucking hate that tune)


fallow, riz la teef, supa d and brackles last night was fucking great, day party on a terrace, got a bit 2 jiggy with it though from all the day time drinking

swear down fallow played a uk funky version of sean paul temperature that wasn’t the same as the sirens version of that which deadboy played on thursday, had a brief word with riz too but was a bit too mash up

perfect day party vibes this music


can’t find any better audio but this is nice

and this is interesting, tho not the best interview i’ve ever heard

turns out apple’s super pissed at people taking his tunes and spitting crap on them coughfunkydee

keep an eye out on road riz for an angry apple



good to hear him talk proves that he does actually exist, been trying to somehow get hold of him for couple years now with no luck obviously

also got that scotty D record although my copy sounds little rough




some funky bits, unreleased and released in here x



Feelin this new one from D-Malice


unsure where this fitted in

but feelin




my fave uk funky mixes usually include karizma


yeah karizma is a don


dl’ing this atm


quite annoyed i havent seen him dj tbh. his sets always sound quite live


Kool Shit
not as funky but still nice

the martini bras-beautiful place tune is dirt, and hosh-valve- both these would sound great in a funky set and i think are about for dl

this is sick

the lil silva-different->apple- chantes mix is sweet like a nut sweet like tropicanaaaaa

anyone know second last tune in it? one with the strings

the dj pioneer and donaeo mixtape on his page is pretty fun too

this is like 3 choruses stuck together it’s 2 much


2nd last tune is Tadow - Hornz


listening to this zomby one on friday caused me to make this


Darqness is nutso butso