UK Funky


slow down side b of this by like -3/4 and it becomes a dank beneath like funky tune

picked it up v v cheap ages ago cos side a is a banging 4x4 stomper



rinse upload their stuff bare fast gonna catch the full show in an hour or so



id’s 21.30? 24.30 ‘the way you love me/it’s just they way u aaaare’? 27 ‘take it slow’? +probably bare more when i get back from nts and finish the 2nd half

really want a funky mc to do my sets, someone that just hosts with personality and maybe slips in a bar or 2 but is just there keeping the vibe (not necessarily this one, he sounds a bit 2 much like ntype)





pal joey’s tunes would go really nicely in a uk funky set


What’s hyper the first or second hour?

Edit - hype from the get go, please disregard.


if an mp3 of the vocal mix were to find it’s way into my pms

i wouldn’t be upset

u dig

; )


just picked up a way 2 cruncy sounding copy of this from my local

god bless grimey funky


Me Nuh Run From Dem Lyrics over sirens, cheeky likkle refix.


hyped u know!


Darker side of UK Funky, Norwegian producer






anyone come across this before, found it randomly browsing discogs, dj target - napa nights

really nice stripped back funky tune, would sound great in a set these days

and speaking of which if anyone has a rip ; )


100% Roska productions.


This is basically Night ukfunky version (Benga+Coki) innit


which does already exist lol

it does sound baaaare like it, but i love the relaxed evening vibe of that target 1