Underrated Tunes

As b4: https://www.dubstepforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=273684

Everyone chats about Callahan but the flip is a big weighty

Feel like this got overshadowed by Haze a bit

& this is some ital weapon


that koan sound tune is not underrated, it’s straight up shit

:guardsman: fairy nuff mate, big tune imho



predates most dungeon

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Loads of early Quantum Soul & Jack Sparrow sounds loads like Biome/Sleeper/Thelem years prior to Yunx’s dungeon period

Tunes like Living in Darkness, Shiva etc

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yeah. arguably some wedge, headhunter, moving ninja, even pinch (war dub) tunes as well

but all that stuff was still a bit more lively than your average dungeon tune. while scorn nailed that sorta clean, hollow halfstep sound in like '07-'08.

and that war dub tune nailed that “neurostep” sound years before dudes like riskotheque and all the american bros like dubtek, droid sector and a few others whose names i don’t remember atm jumped on in pre-brostep days. that had a bit of a crossover with early rottun stuff and dubstep dnb guys like tech itch and spl were making. iirc that’s what biome was doing before going on a dungeon tip.

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Trust you to only shit on the Koan Sound though lol

Nice big list of a few tunes and dubs I consider underrated; enjoy.

ignore post.

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this album https://fullmeltrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/moving-through-dub

Was looking for a clip of this midi trumpet gem

When i stumbled upon this for the first time

Fucking hell what a tune, the arps, subtle swing on the beat, hench sub, them warm organs. King of Fruity>>>>

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Skream was (is?) a straight up badboy producer

not really sure if underrated but def haven’t heard it played in a while

ruddock rave tho >>
would have probably been big if it came out 2 years earlier

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