Using acapellas on a track

basically i really love the titch singalong vocal but im not mad into the imp batch beat it uses, so i have the acapella and a bunch of different grime beats to put it on, anyone have any advice for this?

i’ve tried it on a wiley one and it sounds very obvious he’s not rapping over that particular beat, and i’m not mad keen to do a million little vocal chops

Make sure you’re in the same key.


i dont understand the question :hankey:

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i have a grime acapella, and a bunch of grime beats to put it on, but it sounds fucking terrible with all of them

i think it was a silly question, and would take a lot of effort to get right


ah just fitting then

here’s the short answer:


im sorry lol

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yeah its a pain man, u could try the timemachine pro thing in kontakt, sometimes works

Still on this?
Tried pitching the vocal about a bit? Adding some reverb and shit could work.

get your beat down and match the vocal to the beat, depending on what you use, i just speed up the sample to match the beat and set the sample to normalize the sample so it doesn’t sound like alvin and the chipmunks are spittin bars

chances are the vocals are only slightly out of time, maybe 1bpm or so (as it’s all grime), so some very minor tempo change in whatever daw you’re in could work. problem I always find is vocal tracks have as much definite rhythm as beat tracks do and they gotta compliment each other to work.

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I still think you should work the other way. Any reason you suggest this order?

always worked that way, even when i started i just focus on the percussion then make the synths and then finish with the bass.

also when you match the vocal to the beat rather than the other way round, i just find it much easier to do.

I think he was going for a mashup, no?

yeah kinda what pete said

i gave up on this ages ago btw, was much more of a hassle than i anticipated and i didn’t want the end result enough to bother, crazy t’s flow is very weird and it was like 146/7 bpm

thanks for response though

if you can find other ‘free-standing’ parts of the song - like a sequence or even just the full song, you can kind of use that as a measure !

might be obvious but…

Maybe the structure of the acapella plays apart? Obviusly the pitch and the Bpm are much more important, but singalong for example follows the 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus if I remember rightly (don’t hate if I’m wrong) so a 8-bar Eskibeat say, may not sound as good behind it, if that makes sense… Safe!

Good point there. Chop vocals into sections and arrange them as you see fit!

yeah i think u might have nailed it jack cheers

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what instrumental do you want it on bruv? I did a cheeky lil remix of singalong for sets and it took me long to get the acapella right so could just use that as a template. pm me

dont be afraid to use vocal straight of a tune though

they have more weight than accapelladized little voxes have in general

I’ve bought the Horrow Show Style acapella but can’t get it to play in sync with my beat… I suck at warping unfortunately

I’ve watched a couple of tutorials and still can’t get the hold of it :rage: