Web Browser DAWs and Tools


Checking out Audiosauna and Drumbit now. Chrome is Chrazy.


Drumbit… eh. Don’t bother.

Audiosauna: another contender. Totally viable for entry level.


ive been using at for a while now and though its not my favorite method of making music it is fun tho. Ive made a couple tunes with it and theyve actually gained quite a bit of recognition (For riddim in audiotool)
Made this one a month ago:


Better than the sound quality I’ve heard on some label releases - thanks for sharing that m8.

Any pro tips? Sequencing is a bit wtf to me still.


The fact that u did that 100% in audio tool is really impressive big up


Lol i dont really have any tips tbh me taking music production seriously kind of happened by accident
dm me if you wanna know how


i actually was just digging through my heisenberg presets and i found that one and i was like i dont even remember making this but damn i gotta do something with this and then haunt was born (and yes it was my own patch)




I just checked audiotool and it doesn’t seem any different than it was a year ago


EDIT: OK, just got to work and started playing with this on my desktop…

ultimate stoner timesink. You could waste days in this app.

It’s official: you don’t need to buy a DAW any more. Audiotool and this could do almost anything a n00b wanted to and more…



This one is tanking my productivity right now…




This one actually sounds p good


just replying to keep the thread alive because this is gold


Still think it would be good contest fodder because all the Ableton/Logic/etc. wizards will get pulled out of their comfort zone. Built in levelling innit.



make sum yois





contest lol


im surprised you and @Samuel_L_Damnson both clicked on an unknown link called pinktrombone :badteeth:

v trusting


Trusting? More like hoping!