Web Browser DAWs and Tools


I like pink trombones jus sayin


I have a pink tromboner.


pics or didn’t happen




I prefer my smartphone and G-Stomper from http://www.planet-h.com to waste my time :mushroom:

However there is another browser tool, a bit more sophisticated yet still simple. It is called looplabs


Welp there goes my day

^Thing actually sounds decent. Been making teh wubzz for the last 20.


Web browser tool:



Was just coming here to post that up. Nice work Speedy Mkszales.



Having weirdness with Audacity: it used to record throughput np. Now it’s getting this weird weak noisy line signal. :confused_og:

Fucking audio config shit. I just wanna record some of that Viktor synth above.


Wish the output on the browser was higher quality… there’s an Ableton rack tho fwiw.




Changing my mind about Drumbit. It doesn’t have a lot of novel shit going on but it’s a fairly solid little 16 step drum machine. Someone on a budget could do worse.


Edit 1/2019

Audiotool got a massive overhaul and a bunch of new features, modules, etc.

Still think someone looking for free could do a lot worse.



This is interesting: https://splice.com/sounds/beatmaker

Nice to waste your time making meaningless beats, but it still sound good XD