What DAW you using

Using fl studio (demo version) atm cause I’m too retarded to pirate it and too broke to buy it.

Tried reaper for a bit, but I didn’t like it plus it was kinda complicated and didn’t seem to flow very well

Reason 4 and reaper for recording.

Reaper is really awkward.

Ableton 8 b2b Reason 5

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Started out on Logic 9 five years ago and it’s still the one for me. Really want to get into Ableton for real as well because it has some awesome features, but it’s too different from Logic and it’s impeding my regular workflow, so I get frustrated and go back to Logic… Should probably just sit down and spend a weekend getting really comfortable with it some time.

Just use logic if ur comfortable with it haha

Man one of Ableton’s main benefits is it’s fluid workflow enablement-not sure about Logic but cos Live enables MIDI and Audio and you can split, consolidate, copy, paste and duplicate easily it’s just so good.

Yeah I know there are tons of cool things in Ableton and I really like the myriad of ways to manipulate/stretch audio easily.

Regardless, I’m gonna keep on using Logic as my main DAW since it’s what I’m most comfortable with. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel. It’d just be nice to be able to do some quick editing in Ableton and then export it to Logic.

Can’t you rewire Logic into Ableton?

You can ReWire Ableton into Logic but I’m not sure about the other way around. Never looked into it seriously though, although that’s a good idea. The way I would do it would def. be Ableton into Logic tho

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I hated abelton when i tried it. I would have thought logic would be a more powerful tool. Also it looked rank

They’re good at different things. Logic is more powerful overall but Ableton is not far behind. Ableton really excels when you’re throwing out ideas and editing on the fly, and you can get something resembling a tune going pretty quickly. I guess you can say (oversimplifying) that Logic is more detailed but Ableton is faster, if that makes sense.

That being said, you can do pretty much the same things in all DAWs so really it all comes down to personal preference.

But you can colour code it, like a pretty rainbow.

U can do that on reaper and pro tools and probably everything else

i pretty much only use sound forge

garageband b2b audacity lol


FL Studio :slight_smile:

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FL Studio 10

What you know about 3xOsc

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Been using Ableton for 4 years now! Love it.

Logic 7


ableton live 8.
i only really use it to record stuff these days. no beatmaking, sounddesign or anything.
everything is done on the mpc and sp404.