What DAW you using

Studio One

fuck ye that workflow

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im using cubase 5…
wondering if i upgrade daw it will make my tunes better considering how old it is but idk…

What do you feel are the biggest limitations when using an older DAW? As long as it’s functioning and you get your ideas out I imagine it’s not thaat big of a deal, but hey, new gear/software is always fun.

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Linx to your trax, plrs.

Fl studio 10, though I’m thinking on going up to 12.

still on ableton…

still wanna switch to logic…

fruioty loops 6 demo


Ableton Live 8 & 9. I don’t really need anything else.


I used to rec and mix in Cubase. Just moved to Ableton Live, for live purpose… transition quite difficult… but Cubase can’t be taken on stage…

I used Ableton Live 9 for the first ~2 years I was producing, then decided I wanted to try Logic Pro X. I’ve never went back since then, just love Logic so much :heart_eyes:.

Ableton for life. :grin:
It’s all about which one suites you the best. They all do the same thing just a lil differently

Generally true, but Live is unique. I guess Bitwig is in the domain.

Live 9 been out for 2 years?

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Yeah it has I think

Fl Studio!

i got Ableton live 9 a few months after it came out.I still remember it took me a painful and frustraiting three weeks to wrap my head around it. i probably only utilize 50% of its capabilities. :sweat_smile:

Christ. Who’d of thought your perception of time could change this drastically.

Fl Studio 12, tried Ableton once, it felt really strange so got back into FLS, love the Piano Roll, Channel rack and the Mixer and that i can have several effect plugins open at once on screen, and also i can stretch the whole thing to 2 screens so i can watch playlist on right screen and all other stuff on left screen although not always necessary, but easier at least rather than always clicking everything open separately when making changes, really beautiful appearance too so it’s pleasant to create stuff

FL and ableton are essentially the same imo
for what I use them for at least