What happened to DSF members?

I remember when I first started following the site a couple years ago this site had a ton of active member and what not. Is it just me?

A lot of the same members are here. I recognize a lot of name.

I made a joke with my friend awhile ago that there’s only 5 people on dsf. (Kind of an inside joke that we say about a lot of things)

Cool story bro I know

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It feels like it though. I mean I get it. When they migrated to the new community platform a lot of people just didn’t bother. What they should do is take a lot of the old articles update them and then keep them as a wiki page. Editable by vetted members of the community. Plus a comments section

@ OP: It is just you sport.

(& the 4 others who are all databoi creations)


hey guys i’m orangeluva

I’m only on my second handle ten years later.


tbh even the old forum was on a slow decline for ages.

Why though? I’ve found extremely valuable info here

everyone got banged


yea everyone chated shit pretty hard at one point and whatever was left jsut migrated to futuregarage forum during “The Truhed Exodus”


FGF is dead af

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It’s okay, I signed back up so everyone can chil out lolz

I also asked this question, got a collective shrug

I’m just glad I have a place to mentally masturbate again

Lol, you went there.

It’s been dead af for years.

Dubstep is dead.

I guess because on one hand you’ve got the long time heads that have gone over and rehashed just about ever aspect of production over and over again and had all the “must have” conversations about technically X and Y. And on the other hand you’ve got new kids asking “how 2 wubz like KTN plx?” The old heads will very rarely be bothered with answering the cut and dry crap that’s been answered a million times before. So shit’s dried up as it’s all been played out already.

I hardly come on any more and when I do it’s the same shit I’d rather not get involved in because I’d just be repeating myself and it gets boring. the odd thread comes up rarely that’s worth a poke in to though, which is why I keep coming back every now and again. But I reckon that’s what’s gone down for what used to be the larger community.

S’why I spam w so much outside content. Just trying to throw fuel on the dungfire.

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you talk about production but I dont think I ever looked in there till i became a mod, thats like one small part of the forum, arguably the worst

prob just change the entire sub-forum to “How to sound like barely alive/speng hedy”

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Is Doctor Dave still taking patients over there in Production?

and I’m confused over Aaron Misk & mks
so Aaron is the one that’s been on here for yonks
that i used to call Miks
but mks seems to have been here for ages too…
Are they the same being?