What is your most prized Vinyl

Just curious to see what people consider to be their most prized possession in their vinyl collection. Include pictures if you like. Doesn’t have to be Dubstep.

I think mine would have to be this:

Iration Steppas meets Tena Stelin in the Dub Arena, signed by Mark Iration


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this one

picked it up mint and cheap af in a rock-focused 2nd hand record shop

only clocked how expensive it is a year later lol. Absolute bangin tune too!



as far as $$$ go, it’s the same here, but i’d say i have a few that have higher emotional value for me.

for example this:

+1 on midnight

just because it was the first vinyl I ever bought so it has that sentimental value to it

yeah for sure!

that was my first record:

these ones are imho two of the greatest dubstep tunes ever written:

and fucking hell, South London Boroughs drops hard.

one of the best kicks in music history:


btw, while speaking dubstep: fucking banger.



if you asked me id probably say its the best dubstep track of all time


me seratos innit

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Most prized from a financial point of view is either Midnight or Alicia. The most sentimental is probably the Lee Perry Mala remixes record (which someone just shelled out big bucks for on 'cogs) which was the first record I ever bought, with Changes as well. The Like the way you should remix is a beautiful bit of music

I’m a pseudo-head. What record is that?
Or are you pulling my leg?

Loefah - Woman / Midnight, der.

Probably this

Or my first ever dubplate I got cut to vinyl :wink:

epoch - no dread looks very similar tbf

tbh I’m not even sure it was woman / midnight; just pulled the first black label black sleeve BH record from the shelf.


But that record is not as infamous on Dubstep Forum and would not have been as self-evident.

probably a rare studio one early 1967 rocksteady cut…

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