What record are you gutted you didn't cop?

Inspired by a Gatineau post:

I reckon a lot of us have these records we missed for whatever reason, so what records are you gutted you missed out on?

for me in recent memory it’s:

EVA808 - Marane / Kompla (Encrypted Audio - ENV001)
Commodo - Space Cash (Deep Medi Musik - MEDI071)

Space cash, good old days, mssingo EP, hijack- tears.

Cash strapped or just pain stupid

Most of Commodos releases prior to space cash

fuck loefah


Commodo - Northern Soul EP

tbh I kinda got my hands on every plate I wanted apart from this one. I think I was too broke at the time.


Big up loe :smile:

Can’t really think of any dubstep that I’ve missed out on since starting to buy vinyl that aren’t cheap enough to pick up now. Actually I missed out on the first 4 Innamind releases, mainly want the Gantz and Quantum Soul ones.

Gutted I missed out on Malvoeaux - Targets (LIES first release)… also I remember going to buy Kassem Mosse - Staat Aus Glas EP getting to checkout and deciding against it cause I was pretty skint… that was silly.

Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls / Paradise Circus is one I really wish I hadn’t slept on.

I think LIES has really poor quality control.

Lenham you can get the Hijak - Butcha/Tears whitelabel for like a tenner on 'scogs.

Love my Commodo 2x12" eh, one of the best sounding presses i own

I don’t play that Commodo EP anywhere near as much as I should.

All hail King Commodo etc.

Wish i’d copped Capisce/Glue Sniff riddim actually

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Yeah thats the most recent Commodo I don’t own. That + Dokument / Eastern Bloc & Quarky EP are the only king commo I don’t have. Really want Quarky EP just for Rec Room… nutty tune.

I always have to just play Capisce, Big tune. Space Cash I think is the only Commodo bit I dont own

Epoch - Attraction Dub
Mssingno EP definitely lol
the first white label for Coyote Records which included OH91 and Chemist
Karma - Smear Dub when it was still available on some Japanese site

At least I have a couple of rare grime 12"s so I’m not too unhappy

Pretty sure if you mailed Tom @ coyote he has some of those records, probably still in his house ha

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I remember seeing Commodo’s Northern Soul EP in Tribe when I copped my first two records but not knowing who Commodo was at this point. Racks of them. Pain.
In relation to Butcha/Tears; just copped on DC for £3.99. Brand spanking and unplayed

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Bandulu - 003/004

Actually yeah Bandulu 001 rasclud just wanna mix fierce

Maybe i’ll cut my highly illegal Fierce vs Jammz mash up

Got all bandulu first pressings blup blup