What record/etc. did you just buy?


Completely. The opening tune is incredible, then it just goes deeper down the rabbit hole from there


really really really good work listening


Recent buys:

Shackleton - Fireworks
Shackleton - New Dawn/Massacre
Shackleton - Soundboys Suicide Note
LAS/Ago - Uuha (Egoless Remix)/Why Won’t You (Foamplate Remix)
Lurka - Full Clip/BR Greaze
Laksa - The Amala Trick/In the Middle
Lurka & Bath EP
TMSV - Funeral Bill/Sound Fi Dead


I think really useful.


That sick new Jay Glass Dubs EP, and this from 2017


new jay glass is class

BAT just put 5 old albums up name your price - https://bestavailabletechnology.bandcamp.com/music


It’s brilliant, I am struggling with the mix down a bit. Almost the wrong side of ‘merky’


Bought quite a lot the past couple months.
Commodo - Rikers
Karma - Choose Life / Bluefoot
Yak - 3024-FYE2
Pugilist - Roll Off / Hemisphere
Lurka - Heat Mover / Battery
Odeko - Rose Tinted Vision Implant
Lurka - Holding / Nah So / KMT
Reso - Focus Inwards EP
Egoless / Foamplate - IMRVR001
R@ - HEY! [CRWL003 w/ poster]
Ternion Sound - Parasite 6 EP
Silk Road Assassins - State Of Ruin :corndance::corndance::corndance:
Pugilist - Chrysalis EP


Those lurka plates :cannon:


Maximum respect


just copped this one