What record/etc. did you just buy?


Lol jk, it’s a no brainer for me with the free digis, but fair play if ur saving on shipping or whatever from redeye


Thing with digis is that I use Spotify anyway and I ain’t got any digital equipment with mixing so most mp3s I cop just sit on my laptop/phone rarely played for the most past



digi only…

:cannon: :cannon: :cannon:
Free wavs of that ^ album, with this T:

…or just the wavs…


You beat me to it, didn’t even know there was a version of Dyrge with Rocks FOE spittin’ on it, so fuckin’ sick - where’s that bazooka emoji btw, that would deserve at least three of these!!!


bass cannons added :lol_og:


That artwork is sick as well, wanted to go for the tote bag for a change, no WAVs included, oh well I’ll just grab it anyway…

7 quid for shipping to Spain when the bag is only 10 - fuck right off :nogunfinger:

(at least now I know where the bazooka emoji is :cornlol:)


I’ve been going through stages of buying cheap records from certain genres.

Earlier this year it was 80s disco and funk/soul.
Then old house bits
Now getting loads of Breakz stuff (Y4k, distinctive etc)
Next up is old Hip Hop

I like having loads of different stuff to mix with. Below is everything bought since October from discogs.

Various - Street Sounds Edition 16 (LP, Comp)
Various - Motown Rare Grooves (LP, Comp)
Diana Ross - Work That Body (12", Single)
Diana Ross - Diana (LP, Album)
Frantique - Strut Your Funky Stuff (12", Single)
The Wildchild Experience* - The Best Of Wildtrax (2xLP, Comp, Ltd)
Fink - Front Side, Blunt Side EP (12", EP)
Various - Strictly Rhythm - The Album (2xLP, Comp)
Various - Upfront 2 (2xLP, Comp, P/Mixed)
Various - Street Sounds '87-2 (LP, Comp)
Disco Elements - EP Vol 1 (12", EP)
Jocelyn Brown - Love’s Gonna Get You (12", Maxi)
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else’s Guy (Stanton Warriors Mixes) (12", TP, Sti)
Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me (12", Single)
Rockwell - Somebody’s Watching Me (12")
Change - Paradise (12")
Various - Y3K → Deep Progressive Breaks EP1 (12", EP, Promo)
Various - Y3K → Deep Progressive Breaks EP3 (12", EP, Promo)
Various - Hyper Presents Y3K: Volume 2 EP2 (12", EP, Promo)
Various - Y4K: Past Lessons, Future Theories (2xLP)
Ils - Presents: Y4K (2xLP, Comp)
Orbital - Funny Break (One Is Enough) (12", Single)
Various - Hyper Presents Y3K: Volume 2 EP5 (12", EP, Promo)
Various - Hyper Presents Y3K: Volume 2 EP1 (12", EP, Promo)
Various - Hyper Presents Y3K: Volume 2 EP3 (12", EP, Promo)
Fern Kinney - Groove Me (LP, Album)


Jah way repress


Fiend - Jah hear me
Mickey Pearce - Don’t ask, don’t get
Skream & Hijak - Retro


Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Rave Yard Mix)
Perko - NV Auto
Parris - Puro Rosacae


Matthew Halsall & Gondwana Orchestra - When the World Was One
Gabor Szabo - Dreams
Jon Hassell - Listening to Pictures
David Allred - The Transition


Found this nice bargain at redeye:



lol i paid top dollar for that when it came out :tired_face:

On the subject of foe, anyone know if this got released in any format anywhere?


although i’ve grabbed quite a few steal by regularly checking the sale section in redeye, everytime i do i’m gutted cause there’s always something i paid full price for

they currently have the silkie album on anarchostar that was super expensive when it came out for 15GBP rn

paid 20+ euros for this like three months ago :corncry:

sick album, well worth grabbing it at this price btw

edit: just impulse bought mala’s essential oils in peru because of you guys


My ex got me this for Christmas :cornlol:
We’re still good mates, but it was still a bit of a surprise to get it haha


exactly why I avoid it :lol_og:


pretty nutty deal on some Encrypted back cat releases


Slew Dem Productions - 16 Bar
SLK - North Weezie
Various – The Pum Pum Riddim Vol.1


that hassell album is fucking quality