What record/etc. did you just buy?

So right, on the few Vg condition I copped over the years it has almost always been a deception, conservatives sellers are rarer in this section. Quite a lot of people undergrade their vinyl as VG+ when its actually near mint, while a bunch of people overgrade it as Vg when its actually worst than that lol

Quite non-intuitive when you dont kno the drill yet cause there is the mention “very good” in both vg and vg+ tags so you expect a not very big difference between the two grades, and are in the right to expect a very good condition when buy something tagged “VG”, after all. Meaning maybe a few pops here and there, surface noises in quiet parts, but nothing more

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The bass on Stand is a little bit flabby especially on the root note, but yeah Eden is perfect (and again, sounds huge). I bought mine new.

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I completely forgot about these records, does anyone want them for the price of postage?

I bought the 20 x Mystery Vinyl Bundle from Tectonic and got the following records:

Pinch - Reality Tunnels
Mumdance & Logos - Proto
Guido - Moods Of Future Joy
Cocktail Party Effect - Cocktail Party Effect
Acre - Better Strangers
Walton - Inside EP
Mumdance & Logos - Proto: Shapednoise Remixes
Průvan - Pozor EP
Shed - Tectonic EP
Lamont - Hold Dat EP
Roska - Blurry / Spearhead
Mumdance & Logos - Legion / Proto (Sadly already owned this
Decibel - Falchion EP
Phon.o - Afterglow EP
Walton - Praying Mantis / Koto Riddim

Think I would play around 10 or 11 of the records.


Kahn & Neek - Lucky For Some EP
20 kPa - Pulse / Procedure
Hyroglyfics - Stone Rose EP


First play through of Acid Dub Studies vol. 1, picked it up from the post office today.


Got Alicia as a present for a mate.

Sounds better than my high quality cut (would be a shame if not lol)

I wonder if there are copies out there without “Alicia” written on the label


Got Quartz - Alchemy Burn ep & Commodo’s Fuck Mountain/Good Grief on Bandcamp Friday yesterday

The Alchemy Burn ep is just fucking beautiful.


Sir Hiss - Keygen (fuckin tune)
Spooky - Haunted Joyride / General Riddim
D.O.K. - Shine EP
Zha - Spice
East Man - Stop Flapping Your Gums vol. 2

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I cut the rip wav with the ‘click’ lol, always think i have a scratch on the record when i play it

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Cluekid - Dolphin / Fossil
Silkie - Neckback / Tribal
Las & Mikael - IRMV008
Jakes - times end (TEC039)
Cessman - inner city vibes (Tribe 12 Music 06)
Mr Lager feat Alys Be - Tell Me 2×12 remixes (Sub Freq Recordings 003) but I should read discogs comment before to order crap mastering vinyl…
Emalkay - Crusader / Power Tools
Conquest - Forever DUB POLICE


Last week I picked up the Duploc 10 years comp, the x3 records bundle. Not everything is dope, but some stuff is really dope.

Tonight I picked up the following by Commodo:
Scabz / Guah
Deft 1s
Dyrge EP
Mysterious Trax

And also:
Chad Dubz - Original Dubplate EP (NMN011)
DPRTNDRP - Noodle Box EP (NMN012)


I got the Flux Pavilion .wav & Enigma Dubz Awakening. I’m on the shallow/ bright side of dubstep. Still underground :cool:

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Instacopped that new Leftlow vinyl
Thoughtful is fucking released! This made my day

just snagged this heart ripper off discogs

also this old wobbly bit

and the ever classic dj madd